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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fun. I’m currently switching my webhost, so the website is going to look a little clunky. Please feel free to check out the archives, and for new posts, check out the Instagrams

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Facebook Album: TMNT

TMNT Art Bonanza:

I’ve uploaded quite a bit of work on TMNT and other places from the last couple of years over on my Facebook page. I’m currently going through my archives for more art to post. Please check it out, and if you’re into the work, please click on the like button. Thanks!

A sampling of my work as character designer on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.

Posted by Jose G’s Internet House Party on Monday, June 1, 2015


Instagram Feed

Lately, I have been posting older works to my Instagram page, @cluepac. Soon I’ll be posting newer works there as well. Be sure to follow and stay up on the latest!


Mini Hiatus

Hey all,
Unfortunately, I have no new illustration for you today. I missed one a couple weeks ago, and yet again I’m out another one. My goal for 2016 was a new illustration for every week of the year. I started working on my creator owned comic last week, and I’ve already found myself falling behind on that. Since completing and launching Bombo The Beast is a much bigger priority than the weekly illos, I’m going to play catch up. Once I’ve got everything back on track, I’ll get begin posting new weekly illustrations and Scam. It kind of sucks, but I’m really excited for this comic. Over 25 years in the making. In the meantime, I will continue to post sketches and old art here and on Instagram.

If you’re not following me on Snapchat (cluepac), please do so for behind the scenes art, work in progress and sneak peeks. You can take a photo of the snapcode below to follow.

Jose G

TMNT Emperor Zanmoran

TMNT 2012: Emperor Zanmoran

YO, Gonna drop a little TMNT art right chea. Triceraton Emperor Zanmoran concept sketches and some character turn art, created some time in 2015. This is from the season 4 episode,”The Arena of Carnage” and voiced by one of my favorites, Michael Ironside. There is a lot of great work by a bunch of talented folks on this show. I recommend you check it!
Please click on the image below for a larger version!

Peaches and Herb,

Jose G

Growing Your Psychic Abilities For Fun and Profit, 2016

New Art: Growing Your Psychic Abilities For Fun and Profit, 2016

Yoes! Have a new piece this week. I tried to finish two, since I missed last week, but it’s not happening (yet). I plan on making up for the missing week, so there will be something for every week of the year. Remember to follow on Snapchat (cluepac) for some behind the scenes and progress images.
Click on the image below for a larger version, please!
Grow Your Psychic © 2016

It’s based on the sketch below. I was going for an old comic book style. I’m still experimenting with technique, subject matter, time management and workflow with these pieces. I’m learning a bit as I go, but I think I can learn much more.
Grow Your Psychic © 2016
See you next week! Laters!
Jose G

The Prodigal SCAM! returns, 07/14/16


So. Ten years and a week after I posted the last Scam! comic, I present this semi-new Scam! comic. I started drawing the top three panels of this piece in July of 2006, but for whatever reason I abandoned it. Ten years later, I finished this page. It’s going to lead to a bigger story concerning what our hero has been up to for the past decade. Click on the image for a larger, readable version.

Prodigal Scam! © 2016

It feels great to get back into comics again. Since 2006, I have been out of the loop with sequential art (at least in terms of anything available to the public). Aside from Scam!, I’m also working on a regular series that will be announced soon.

When I look back on much of my older work, I cringe over the content. Quite a bit of offensive ignorance on my part. Though at the time I felt my intentions were good, my attempts at shock and satire fell flat. Time has turned a spotlight on these failures (at least for me), and it’s something I think about a lot. Maturity might not be apparent in the strip above (since it was started in 2006), but if I continue Scam! on a weekly basis, I do hope it better reflects the growth I’ve made as a person.


A Gift From Baxter, 2016

New Art: A Gift From Baxter

Sorry I’m a day late, but it’s Saturday, and it’s still *this* week, right? Anyway, made some last minute changes to this one and threw Baxter’s name into it. Hope you dig! Just wrapped a big project, so I’ll be back next week with more art, sketches and musings.
Click on the image for a larger version!
A Gift From Baxter © 2016

the piece is a major extension of this chunk of sketch.
A Gift From Baxter © 2016

Hope you’re having a great 4th of July weekend! Stay safe!


StarPoint, 2016

New Art: StarPoint, 2016

Hello Hello!
Yet another rush week. StarPoint was something I put together on the fly this morning. Yesterday, we experienced a 12 hour power out (apparently due to a crow flying into a circuit breaker at an LADWP Power Distribution center). In between running around and tossing fridge content, I decided to take some time off and get some reading and relaxation in. It was definitely needed. Thank you, Mr. Crow! Also, RIP Mr. Crow (I’m assuming). Luckily it didn’t mess up my schedule.
click on the image below for a larger version.
StarPoint © 2016

Yes, it was another rush job. As I’m sure next weeks will be as well. It’s yet another deadline week. But that should be it for a while! Hope you dig it!
Based on a couple sketches I stitched together:
StarPoint © 2016

See you next week!
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At Last, 2016

New Art: At Last, 2016

Good Morning/Afternoon!
I kinda rocked a rush job this week. Had my head set on working on a different piece, but didn’t think I’d finish it on time. Instead, I grabbed some sketches I had lying around, chopped them up and put this together. It still took me longer than anticipated.
click on the image for a larger version
At Last © 2016

I stepped out of my comfort zone for this, and tried a few different techniques. I guess that’s the goal of these weekly pieces. I’m notoriously obsessive over trying to make my work perfect, and thus killing the flavor of the original sketch. I hit these each week with no direction, just try to come up with the best possible combination of line, color, and context on the fly. Sometimes I’m happy with the results, and other times I just have to put it out there and let the world be the judge. Either way, I’m happy I’ve been able to somewhat consistently share new work. I hope you feel the same!

It’s based on this sketch below:
At Last © 2016

Til necks time!
Jose G
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Instagram: Cluepac

That MacNaugh, 2016

New Art: That MacNaugh, 2016

Gonna anudder Quick one this week. Just going to drop this MacNaugh here and bounce. Hope you have a great weekend! See you on the next!

click on the image for a larger version:
That MacNaugh © 2016

Based on this sketch:
That MacNaugh © 2016

Jose G