Fuckin Wizard! They raised their rates from last year’s $200 for an artist alley table to $300 this year. God damn, the comics industry ain’t made of gold. A-holes.
I hope I hear what’s up on my new place today. I’ve got two days to get my shit out of Hammond. Last had a sketch session, pizza and beer with some co-workers and Drawing Board regulars. Some of the sketches are below.
Then I got to come home to the oven in Hammond and pack shit in my chesters while whatching Episode 4.
Oh shit! Newsflash- Just got word that it’s all good on the apartmant front! Move in tomorrow. This tree is uprootin, muthafucka!!!!!Skedges

hugs n drugs,ladies.


OOOH OOOOOH I might be painting at Zentra tonight. 10pm. I’ll send out a bulletin

Jingo Baos!

In stores this [edit] November, from the cover of Jingle Belle #1 (Dark Horse)…..
The Jingle Belle Ornament!
yup, based off my design. Here’s the solicitation copy:


On sale November 16, 4 7/8 tall, fully painted polyresin, packaged in full-color window  box, $14.99

Not content to live in the shadow of her dad, Santa Claus, eternal teenager Jingle is constantly craving attention and making trouble. Inspired by Jingle’s comic book adventures, we’ve decided to make an eye-catching ornament in her honor.

With  help from Jingle Belle creator Paul Dini and artist extraordinaire Jose Garibaldi, we’ve designed a fantastic ornament that does the swingin’ elf gal justice.
Get you Yams on this one!


These sketches we’re shitty on a whole, but I guess there’s a little something on each page that tickles my nancy. Haven’t been too active with my sketchbook lately. On the train I’ve been reading Saul Bellow’s Herzog, which I’m really connecting with even if it does take me weeks to read a 300 something page book. I’m not much of a marathon reader. My mind wanders a lot. And with this book I’d get flashbacks of she and me, then drift into a happy memory. But I’m diggin this book hardcore. I may have to buy it.
Also, I just colored a flyer drawn by Jim Mahfood for his and Scott Morse’s San Diego Comicon Funf Party. As soon as he gives me the go ahead I’ll post the art.
I went to Zentra last night to check my boy Intel djing. It’s a nice place, dig the vibe dig the atmosphere. Sang asked my if I’d like to perform live art there regularly. I might even paint next Wednesday. I’ll keep you all informed as I find out what the dill.
I’ll most likely be a Chicago resident very soon. If all goes good today, I may be moved in a week. And That’s Word.
Now, how’s about I crash your Internet Explorer with my imiches!!!!
1- the sketchbook:

2. This was done last night on a napkin at Zentra:
And a bunch of Teen Heaven sketches I did about a year ago. And yes, I am still working on Teen Heaven. I’ve got about 100 pages of script. I feel shitty that it’s taken me so long, and I hope Oni don’t hate me.

JJ Fadd
Oh Yeah, thanks to all of you who came here from the Drawing Board/Oni Board/ 40 oz Board and left nice comments and added me. That shit makes my day. Much love!!!!!!!!

ComicCon Phunkdafied

Jim just told me it’s cool to post the flyer. Art By Jim Mahfood, Colors By Jose The Cedric Entertainer.

All you dudes and ladies that are thinking of going should hit me up. We’ll Celebrate! And be sure to get there early. This shit packs tight.


My sketches this week are pretty shitty, so I will not be posting any. Intead, I will flood your fucking bandwidth with a billion images I found on my harddrive. Since I haven’t updated my website in fucknowswhen, I’ll post that shit here. Mostly freelance illustrations and pin ups. Enjooey!

(the above is still in progress)

The following illos were done for The Pitch in K.C.

And these pages were done about two years ago, waiting to be lettered..

Have a good weekend, miotches. I’m on recovery…


Slam Diego, Comics, and Felt 2

Hey heyhey
Felt 2 dropped yesterday, and I urge all of you to run out, buy it, sit on the floor and listen to it while you read along with Jim Mahfood’s Felt: True Tales.. book from Image Comics. The comic sports healthy colors by mythelf, funny shit from mister food, and the album has the dope cuts from Slug, Murs and Ant. The package is now complete…

I-I-I-It’s Yours!!!!!

I’m off to San Diego bright n early tomorrow morning, making my way to comicon. Got my art ready, got my game, gotta get my fade hooked up, but other than that I’m read to go! I know for sure I will be signing at the Oni Press booth on Friday from 4:30 to 5:50 with Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, so bring your copies of Maria’s Wedding for us to scrawl on.
Dark Horse doesn’t have me scheduled for anything, but Dini will be signing from 4-5. I’ll most likely be buzzing around there at that time, begging for change.
Also, don’t forget to hit the Comicon Funk Party Saturday night! DJ’s and Live Art. Details here- http://www.40ozcomics.com/new/news.html
If anybody wishes to meet up at and/or around the con, send me an e-mail- josegaribaldiATtmail.com .

And now for some art. I posted these elsewhere, don’t think they made it on the blog… From the failed Franchise comic strip I was doing for tlchicken.com. I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to keep up with the monthly strip thing, I’s just burnt.reaaaally burnt. I Love You Tastes Like Chicken. Sorry I didn’t work.

Peace! More when I get back hizoome.


Pre-Post Script: This entry is a bit long winded, and very heartfelt, so if you don’t want to read whiney bullshit, skip ahead to the sketches. To those I know very well, you might want to read it. I name drop.
I guess it’s been slacking on the sketching this week. With this big project for work and me going out of my fucking melon, I haven’t been doodling as much on the train. Last night hanging with Terry and Jamie put things in perspective (again). My brain is a device that resets it’s self every morning. Everyday it’s a struggle to talk myself off of that ledge and back into common sense. By the end of the night I’m usually pretty cool. I find myself having to escape the apartmant daily. For multiple reasons. 1- because of my dad, who I love very much, but can’t live with. Looks like my stay will be more brief than I intended. Also, we have no AC, and it’s fuggin hot in there. I tend to think waaay too much while I’m there. Not happy thoughts, or creative, constructive thoughts either. Just the same old shit day in and day out. I know I’m gonna get sick of trekking out to Borders and Round the Clock and Kilroys. I already kind of am. So I need to move soon.
So if anybody out there is bored and has nothing to do, hit me up
cluepac AT gmail dot com or josegaribaldi@tmail.com (this will go straight to my phone) Lord knows I’ve got nothing better to do.
Oh, and thanks Laura P, Corey B, Scott R, Carl W, Adam P, Bill H, Zack W, Dave C, Miranda, Matt D for listening to my shit, for offering advice, and bigging me up when I need it. Your support is appreciated.
Jamie and Terry, I love you guys. I really have no clue what I would do with myself if it weren’t for you two. I just know it wouldn’t be good. The words you say stick close to my heart, and I want you to know that everything’s gonna be alright. So let’s party!
Dad- Stop killing yourself. There’s so much for you in this world, and you have much to offer. People do love you, you just have to sober the fuck up to see it.
Sara- You know how I feel about you. I love you more than I love myself. I always will. Now it’s your turn to stop fucking around and love yourself, and do for self what others wouldn’t. You are such a precious soul, and I consider myself lucky to know you. I will always be around, please remember this.
Love, Jose
Now Sketches!!!!!!


New stuff for your June. Sketches are eh.. but i did a few illos. Finished coloring the art for the Bad Ideas collection (Image Comics) a couple days ago. Wayne said he liked it so much, he’d suck my dick. I can only imagine what Jim and Dave are going to do to top that. They’re a competitive bunch.

Here are a few illos I did last week for a paper called The Pitch in Kansas City.Microns, brush w/Windsor Newton Black India, and Prismacolor grey markers…

And fresh off the home PC, the cover for the JB collection From Dark Horse Comics. Collects the 4 issue mini series from this past year. Written by Paul (Batman Animated, Lost) Dini with art by yo’s trufully, J. Bone and Stephanie Gladden. Out September 14th(ish)..

until necks time,
Peace out mitches!