Fuckin Wizard! They raised their rates from last year’s $200 for an artist alley table to $300 this year. God damn, the comics industry ain’t made of gold. A-holes.
I hope I hear what’s up on my new place today. I’ve got two days to get my shit out of Hammond. Last had a sketch session, pizza and beer with some co-workers and Drawing Board regulars. Some of the sketches are below.
Then I got to come home to the oven in Hammond and pack shit in my chesters while whatching Episode 4.
Oh shit! Newsflash- Just got word that it’s all good on the apartmant front! Move in tomorrow. This tree is uprootin, muthafucka!!!!!Skedges

hugs n drugs,ladies.


OOOH OOOOOH I might be painting at Zentra tonight. 10pm. I’ll send out a bulletin