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To clear things up regarding the last post and work…
I wasn’t calling anybody out, so don’t think that it was some underhanded way to get something across. By being a pussy in a public forum. I had no intention of even addressing it until my fingers hit the keyboard…
I just don’t want anybody to think I meant them specifically. And the blame doesn’t lie on the client. Often times a friend would offer me some cash for work and I turn it down. They’re good people.
am i just digging myself into a hole by posting this?
somebody get me a beer.

dinninit (Hey, Hey, Hey)

Sup sup.
The past week has been a bit up and down for me. At times I’m high, other times low. Not manic depressive, but some rollercoaster type shit. Maybe I should take a day or two to step back and organize. I’ve been doing a lot of free work lately, and though I don’t mind doing it (it’s been for friends, so I actually consider it an honor to do it for these folks) It’s been taking me away from shit I should be doing, like Teen Heaven and a couple other pitches. I feel shitty, but looks like I’ll finish what I promised folks (Jim, Ivan and Jason, don’t sweat, I got youse) then hustle on my own shit. SO, that being said, please don’t be offended if I can’t do a job for you. We’re still friends, and I still got nothin but love. It’s just me time.
Here’s some sketches for this week. I hope next week I’ll have some finished shit to show you.

Jose G vs. John G, Chicago Comicon 2005

At Retro Wash, Western Ave. Chicago…

Robocop, done at the last sketchbook sesssion, 08/23

The Flash, Sketchbook Session, 08/23


Spider-Man by Raz Ortiz

Thanks to Bob for disrupting the atmosphere of my sketchbook…..Yep, kept it short n skinny. Sorry, ladies.
Thanks to those who joined the MTP myspace group. If anybody wants to join, it’s open to the public and we got a couple famous people on it, like D Original. Join Here-, check out the Lonely Island, three funny dudes who were just hired onto SNL! One as a player and the other two as writers. Big up to Chez, who is also funny and needs to be hired onto SNL also….

Peace, sockers!


Got some new character sketches for you. Lot of work is on my plate, I’m excited, and you should all be excited for me. Had too much fun last weekend. Shane’s birthday last Friday and dancing with Sara at Subterranean. Then last night I saw Drunken Immortals and Grayskul at Bar Virtigo. Met Brad B and Dumperfoo, both cool cats. Add them to your friends list.
Character Drawings!

And a Spider-Man drawing I hope to ink and color..


Jose Gee

S’bin a long time, I shunta left you….

Yeah, I haven’t been updating. I’ve been going out. Drinking. Enjoying life while I have the time.I’m pretty optomistic about the future, about work. And with that might come the months long spell of being tied to the drawing board/ computer. Not a bad thing, but leaves little room for socializing and downright gettin dumb.
But I have been keeping somewhat busy. Mostly coloring Mahfood’s stuff and working on Teen Heaven. I’m prouda that shet.
Last weekend was a fucking blast. The best con ever for me (probably since I spent a total of like five hours at the actual con over the whole weekend) The con itself was nothing new. Same ol shit. The best part is running into familiar faces. The real fun was afterwards, hanging with Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland and Mike Huddleston along with other cats (like Kat, Ivan Brandon, Shannon, Erin, Andy McDonald, Layman, Patricia Kinky Reggae, John Futhafuckin G!!!! and a bunch of other cool ass cats)
Live art was off the hook. Jim, Dave, Huddleston and I had the most ghetto ass experience trying to make it to our own show- strapping 8 foot (or so) plywood to my little ass geo storm. Didn’t think she’d be able to handle that shit. Dave and Mike in the back, crouched and pulling on the ropes while Jim and I in front with our arms out the windows holding the plywood down. Some Sanford and Son shit. But all in all, a beautiful night. I accepted ALL drink offers, sold paintings and rocked the paints. The climax of the night came when Dave, Mike Bianco and I sang BBD’s “Poison” at the top of our fucking lungs. Thanks to everybody who showed up. Not to brag, but we had the guests full attention that night. We’d turn around and see everybody caught up in what we’re doing. That’s a beautiful feeling. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if Sara Lou could’ve showed. She was sick, poor Nene.
Special thanks to Intel, the king among kings, who busted his ass to put this together. And for spinning the dope cuts I was gettin down to. Thanks to Maker and Pickel, Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland and Mike Bianco. Thanks to Mike H for helping us with our home depot shopping. And Thanks to the owners of the Black Beetle for having us. I hope to do this again.
Oh, another highlight of the night was when I saw Adeem came to check us out. Fhuck-in-A. Adeem is dope, and his group, Glue, is dope.
The next day was slow, but breezy. No hang over for me. I went to the con late and left early when Huddleston and I went record shopping at Dusty Groove America. I dropped around $200 and Mike a little less. But we got the good shit.
Sunday ended at the Sofitel, kickin it with Mike and Dave, Jeff and Kat Amano, Erin, and the NYC Mech boys. Made some new friends, celebrated, and I gots a shitload of memories and in jokes to share.
Pics from last weekend:

My first piece sold as soon as it came of the plywood….

not the best thing I’ve drawn, but I had funs….

Mike Bianco shows off his Rick James piece….

Mike Huddleston, Kat Amano, Jim Mahfood

Winding down……

Bafroom Assistant….
Unfortunately, I’m pretty bad with taking pictures. I always seem to forget I have a camera. Luckily others were snapping pics. The following are courtesy of Jim Mahfood…

Me being retarded, John G rockin the sharpie…

The lovely Kat Amano and the lovely Dave Crosland

Triple Trouble: Dave C., John G., Josee G…

Patricia of Kinky Reggae and Mike Huddleston. What’s in those Reese’s!?

Mike Oeming and I rockin the Sidekicks…

John G and Jose G skrawlin’….

Mike Huddleston, Dave Crosland and me in the Hyatt lobby (on fresh mode)

The Famous John G of Wheelchair Riot!….

If anybody out there has photos of the night, pleas hit me up at josegaribaldiATgmailDOTcom . I would love to see em.


I don’t have any sketches, but I do have some fun shiot.
Here are a couple Teen Heaven pages:

This is one of four pages that are being inserted into the first chapter. It further explains what the deal is with The Gramps.

Won’t explain this one. don’t want to spoil it…..
The next few drawings are something I’m excited about, but I don’t want to get into what’s going on with em. I guess I’m posting just so you all won’t forget me….

And last but not least, is something very personal that I hope to rock in my spare time. I wished I had something finished other than this image, but I’ve been pulled in all different directions. Besides me this is for one other person who understands what the title means. But when I do get shit rolling, It’ll be mighty sweet….


Well, til next time homies!