No new images to post, but I can’t leave chyall blank, so..

just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe thanks giving day.
Eat some food, watch the game, love your fam and friends and
appreciate life.Though we shouldn’t buy into the lies and myths
that surround Thanksgiving, we shouldn’t get all doom and gloom
about it either. Have a good fuckin time. No work, just play!

so with that being said, I have a 4 day weekend. If anybody
in the area wants to hang, hit me up

Tonight I’ll be at the Black Beetle
2532 N. Chicago

21 10ish Free

Going on this Saturday…

Check out this event: TRIM @ theElboRoom

Hosted By: Carrie
When: Saturday Nov 26, 2005
at 7:00 PM
Where: theElboRoom
2871 N.Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60601


I’m gonna try and make both.



Here’s a comic I did around two years ago, yet never posted online.
So hurre tis…

This was created for one of the Ragtag books. It was my first
(successful) attempt at a stream of consciousness comic. I had
originally planned to write out a story, but found I didn’t have the
time to sit down and work it out. So I took two blank pages and went
to town…..


artwork/comic ©2003 Jose Garibaldi

Wonce Again!

Sorry to post, like a billion times this week, but fuck it. This is some good news,
Fuckin A! The Jingle Belle trade was reviewed in the November Booklist..
I swiped this from
Dark Horse


Jingle Belle TPB

With flash and flair, Santa’s eternally teenage daughter, Jingle Belle, along with her flying musk ox, Thrasher, and a host of North Pole regulars make Christmas cool. Sick of her unknown status in the holiday-icon pantheon, she devises ways to make her mark on the Christmas scene. Attempts to create a new cartoon classic, complete with Rankin-Bass’ style puppets, are thwarted once TV execs get their hands on the project. Turning the declining Santaville park into a wildly successful Christmas-theme casino seems like a good idea, but all goes awry when the local Mob boss wants a cut of the action.
Add a sweet vignette showing some of Jingle’s past boyfriends and a holiday special featuring Sheriff Ida Red of Mutant Texas, and you have a holiday classic in the making. The art-sly and loaded with little homages to animation greats like Tex Avery-and the storytelling mesh seamlessly to evoke Jingle’s humor and charm. With twice the caffeine and half the saccharine of most holiday specials, this is worthy of year-round shelf space.
(Young Adult: The WB-style art and Jingle’s wicked sweet-sixteen humor will go over well. Tina Coleman).

(Booklist, November 2005)YEAHR! we kick ass!and this is from



Official Press Release

You better watch out! With a hot trade paperback currently selling out in comic shops and a new sculpted ornament debuting this week, Santa
Claus’s rebellious teen daughter is the must-see humor character of the 2005 holiday season. Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle returns in an all-new
one-shot book from Dark Horse Comics December 14th, and joining in the merriment to illustrate her adventures are artists Stephanie Gladden,
Jose Garibaldi and J. Bone.

“This book has something for everyone.” Promises creator/writer Paul Dini. “Comedy, warmth, and extreme violence — all the things that really bring home the modern American Christmas celebration. It’s also a perfect introduction for readers who have not yet been exposed to the madness Jing unleashes at the North Pole.”

Titled “The Fight Before Christmas”, the book’s lead story finds Jingle’s Mighty Elves hockey team in pitched battle against their archrivals the Snow Leopards. “Jing is all about a nice, clean game,” Dini explains, “Until someone cheats, then it’s every girl for herself.”

The second story, co-written by Dini’s new bride Misty Lee, features Jingle playing Cupid for a lovelorn lemming pal. What’s a rodent to do
when he’s only a third-level toy tester and the lemming of his dreams is a high-class ribbon-holder? Jing’s advice, “Take the girl for a
night on the town. Just don’t tell my old man you’ll be driving his new roadster.”

Finally, Jing adopts a more defiant attitude when Santa forces her to attend this year’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the White House.

“Jing isn’t first on the naughty list this year,” Dini reveals. “There are many folks in Washington vying for the top position and in this story she runs afoul of several of them.”

Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas arrives in comic stores December 14th with a retail price of 2.99. It is also available to order online at

Word UP!

Soul in the hole

So, last night I was digging through the mounds of cds that used to
be piled around my computer (now somewhat neatly put away)
looking for a certain Junko Mizuno image that I can’t seem to find
on the internet anymore. It took me about four hours, but I found it.
What took me so long was coming across all the files I hadn’t seen
in years. Old drawings, sketches, mp3’s and photos. I grabbed a
small bunch and thought I’d share.

This Spider-Man I did as a birthday gift for a prospective client’s
husband sometime in ’02. Of course she never got back to back to
me after that…
Never again.

When I worked at Officemax back in 98/99, I used to hit up all
the top stock with these kick ass marker drawings. KUK was
my name, though all the managers new it was obviously
my drawing on the boxes. They did appreciate the
art, though.

This I did after Ol’ Dubs was nearly assassinated by a pretzel.
100% photoshop.

Jeffrey Zachs in: The Boy Had Wings
Here’s a couple photos from back in the day

L-R: Charlie, Me (holding up my then new t-shirt designs) and our
friend Sarah chillin in Michigan sometime in May of ’99.

One of the few photos of “Eggplant” Stan Wenches known to
exist. He’s on the left and super talent Mike Bianco is on
the right. If you have not done so already, check out Stan’s
comic, Cornflakes! online here.
Some Jingle Belle production drawings-

Characters from Jingle Belle issue 2

Outlaws from the first flashback in JB no. 2

cover pencils for JB no4

done for the Jingle Belle website back in 03.
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
And last for today, the result of last nights Sketch thang @ Piece.

Internet semthathion and Public Defender- Brian Peppers!!!

Peace, chyull!


artwork © 2005 Jose Garibaldi
Jingle Belle is ™ and © 2005 Paul Dini


Apartment’s clean!
for the most part at least.

Don’t forget, party at my place this coming Saturday(the 19th)!
Local cats, hit me up for directions.
It’s Sara’s birthday party.Other than cleaning, I’ve been taking it chill. I’m working on some more
color stuff for Jim Mahfood, coloring my NYC Mech pin up, drawing some
Beastman shit and working on a short story I did started about two years
ago. It was actually done, but since I’m switching the format I’m going to
write and draw an extra three pages. It’s a fun little piece.

Speaking of Piece, hope to see some of you tonight at Piece on North Ave.
It’s our monthly sketchbook gathering.Yesterday, me and Blaylock went to check out the Windy City Rollers
at the Congress Theatre. That shit was fun. Girls on skates kicking ass.
I was there to root for the Hell’s Belles. Too bad it’s the last match of the
season. Check out these badass ladies- Dayglow, Penny and Athena
I think this will be the subject of my next All Star Fucking Fight drawing…

Peace, Ch’all!

All Star Fucking Fight!!!!!!

Yeah, I’m doing stupid shit, but it’s fun.

Batman vs Superman now joins:

Spider-Man versus Everybody

Ducky Vs Palsy Wizard

Amazing Joy Buzzards versus Your Dad

I think I have a cold.

Stay healthy, y’all.

artwork©200five josejgaribaldi

Jingle Belle Ornament out 11/09/05!! Mad Kids.1 Also!!

I just saw this posted somewhere,
according to the Diamond Shipping list, the JB ornament I designed is
supposed to be available in stores tomorrow! Do me a favor and pick one
up, or two or three.
I didn’t even get one yet. Shit, I didn’t get a copy of the trade yet…

Jingle Belle Ornament
Features: 3 DesktopsNot content to live in the shadow of her dad, Santa Claus, eternal teenager Jingle is constantly craving attention and making trouble. Inspired by Jingle’s comic book adventures, we’ve decided to make an eye-catching ornament in her honor. With help from Jingle Belle creator Paul Dini and artist extraordinaire Jose Garibaldi, we’ve designed a fantastic ornament that does the swingin’ elf gal justice.Pub. Date: Nov 16, 2005
Format: 4 7/8″ tall, fully painted polyresin, packaged in full-color window box
Price: $14.99

Find a retailer near you

DH Alert me when this item is released!

Also, I did get my copies of Mad Kids #1! I have a three panel strip
titled Family Funnies. This issue drops Nov. 15th
They even used a chunk of my art for the contents page!
a little sneak… shhhhh

here’s the cover so you know what to check for…..

guess which drawing’s mine….


My head’s spinning. I was hoping to relax after I finished that JB
story and came home from L.A. Instead it’s death, birth, desire to
get up, get my apartment, get my finances right, paint here and
check out my friend’s band there. Last night I saw my buddy Steve
perform at the Darkroom. Steve’s a super-talented cat
( and he put on a excellent
set last night. Unfortunately, the whole time I was there I felt I could
lay my head down at the bar and sleep for a week. Earlier I had rush
to the hospital and see my new nephew (not my blood nephew,
Sara’s bood nephew) Eliott! He was born around 1:30 yesterday.
Congrats to Jen and Mark!

After the Darkroom, I walked home (@12am) , threw on some
Rocky & Bullwinkle, and was out in under 15 minutes. I think I got
about 8hrs of sleep last night. Damn.

Saturday I painted at the Black Beetle with Pickel, Haiku and WBC
on the decks. It was laid back, fun. I almost didn’t make it. My brain
was back n forth between the hospital, the Beetle and my apartment.
I picked at three paintings throughout the night, somewhat finishing
two. The last one I’ll finish at home, make it look pretty n stuff.

acrylic on matte board


While I was cleaning my apartment, I came upon an old idea
notebook. It’s from about two or three years ago. I think before
I get rolling on Teen Heaven again or any other big jobs, I’ll
kick out a few short stories I’ve been waiting to do since forever.
(and yes, that does include some T.H. shorts)

these are sketches for a button I designed for my pals, Midstates

the final design

some Teen Heaven antics…..

some of my babies
Do you remember lined paper?

Here are a shitload of Beastman character designs. They’re about two years old, but they’re exactly where I want them to be ( except Beastman’s hands shouldn’t be so thick)

Let’s Hear It For The Good Guys!!

Hardy Boiled, Playboy Godzillionaire

Beastman, champion of Thug City

Marde, Beastman’s pal from space…

From L-R: Brock Smith the Lock Smith
Larry Collinsworth, America’s Premiere Postal Carrier and Beastman’s Pal,
Kriegan Think, Beastman’s Shrink

Let’s Hear It For The Bad Guys!!

Prefessor Germania


Needle Noggin

Popcorn Brown

Gangland Crab
Enjoy, Notches!


Jose G
everything on this page is ©2005 Jose Garibaldi. Copy anything and I’ll send Jaws over to suck you off.