Yuh – huh

My arm now smells like a baby’s ass (post wipe)

Drawing by Junko Mizuno.
I think I’m gonna get another one in a couple weeks. If my wallet will allow.
C.R.E.A.M.- sad but true
Peace and potatoes,
Jose “Bootsy” Garibaldi

Aw Snap! What the hell… here’s some sketches

So I got a photobucket account. Hopefully I could get situated and
start hosting on MTP again.
But uh, yeah. Not much to say that these sketches and previous
posts haven’t. Enjoy these and have a good weekend. Catch you on
the flipside, meetches!
The first four are concept sketches for a story I’m writing and will be out this summer. Details at 11.

If you have any questions, etc about this last one here, please refer to the previous post. Thank you.

Take it easy. Remember- Intel, Pickel and Pete Rock at Zentra
tomorrow. You know you wanna.
as usual, all characters, art, words, etc on this blog are ©2006 Jose
Garibaldi. reposting is prohibited without my permission.


There is a reason why I set some of my posts to private. There is
something cathartic about posting personal shit on the internet
(don’t know why, there just is), but I don’t want the whole world
knowing about it. It’s that simple. Please don’t message me about it.
Read this, please
I’m cool, everything’s cool. Life gets shaky at times, and it’s tough
to get a grip. But I do have a grip. Trust me. I’m handling things
better than most people do. At times I do need support from my
friends, and I appreciate everyday you guys around. But I could still
go out and have a good time and you’ll most likely see me with a
smile on my face. Like I did last night and like I will this weekend. I
won’t ruin your party or make things awkward. So have a coke and a
smile and shut the fuck up!
So that being said, thanks for the concern. Just wearing my heart on
my e-cybermyspace sleeve.

As for new sketches, artwork, etc. Here’s the deal- I’ll have to wait
until I get my own internet connection at home. I wish I could talk
about the reason why, but it has to do with office shit and the name
of my domain (where I host my images. and I don’t want a
photobucket image shack account). weird shit indeed, but it won’t be
long. so sit tight.

tomorrow night:
Pete Rock @ Zentra!!!!!
—————– Bulletin Message —————–
Date: Jan 26, 2006 2:08 PM
Hosted By: Sang
When: Saturday Jan 28, 2006
at 10:00 PM
Where: Zentra Nightclub
923 w Weed st
Chicago, IL 60610

Click Here To View Event


so i did it…..

*sorry if I sound dramatic*
Last night, I did the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. I drew a line in the sand, and told her that neither of us could cross that line. She’s the one person I never ever wanted out of my life, and I told her this before. that she could stay. that she had to stay, even as friends. But I learned the hard way that I could no longer withstand the fucking torment I went through being at home alone without her. I had to grow a sack and do what needed to be done.
I felt like turning back every step of the way, and eating every word that came out of my mouth. I hate seeing her in tears, I hate being in tears.
But it’s about self preservation. I’m sick and this is what I need to do to get better. It’s growing up and it sucks.
So this is goodbye.
I love you.

All the way live (baby baby baby)

Thanks to everybody who came out last Saturday to get down to the
sounds of the Analog Addicts while myself, Katie and Chris painted.
That shit was a blast, and from what I heard (and saw) you all did,
Let me start with my trip to Milwaukee on Friday. the eight of us
(Sang, Anne, Jason, Adam, Jake, Brandy and Katie) braved a
snowstorm to watch Intel spin with Why B and Kid Cut Up. Milan
painted some ill shit. I jumped on the boards for a second. Saw
Wayne, who I haven’t seen in a while. um…. Then six of us decided
to ride back in my car that same night. Poor brandy! Thanks to Sang
home around 6am or so. slept in, ate lunch at hot doug’s with sang
and adam, napped, then got ready for the jam.
Saturdays live art night was off the hook (as I mentioned above).
Didn’t think I would make it on time, but it all worked out. When I
do the live art thing, I usually work on muliple pieces (as does Jim
and Dave and Milan). While one piece dries, I work on another. Or
if one piece is a disaster, I work on another, then come back to try
and save it. This board at Trevia had to be at least 6+ feet. I don’t
usually sketch out my paintings either (for live art, that is). I’ll lay
down a base color for the b.g. then improvise the figures, etc. Since
this was the only piece I was working on, I thought I better bust a
sketch first. Now, people asked if I have an idea of what to paint
before I show up. The answer is no, I don’t. The sketch I layed down
(with a light grey marker) was straight up spontaneity.
I did not think I’d finish the piece at all. There is about a foot left
blank at the top of the board that my short arms couldn’t reach. I’m
a mutant.
Anyway, at the end of the night, Jake was goin off with those jams. I
turn around to see people dancing and singing and having an all
around good time. Fuck yeah. I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks
again to the Analog Addicts and Trevia for doing this…….

me painting. Photo by Intel

Me n Katie B in the place to be. Photo by Intel

The finished piece

the next day, me n the gang had lunch at the Pacific Cafe.Talking
about the drama that unfolded just hours earlier….

to the left…

to the right..
See y’all on the flipside.
Jose G

memeber: all images 2006 Jose Garibaldi, ‘Cept Intel’s pictures. thems is 2006 Jason Deuchler

NYC Mechsican (Reprise)

Ugh. Tired.
Anyway, stayed up late the past couple nights juggling this NYC
Mech pin-up and some Mad shit. I can’t wait for Sunday, so I could
sit around and do nothing. I thought I was about to lose it, trying to
concentrate on work, thinking about other things…. And the caffeine
only makes it worse. I back up to a half a pack of cigs again (I was
down to one or two a day, and close to quitting. Then the shit hit the
I’ve got my idea for my project romantic story, and I’m excited
about it. It’s almost bad timing to be writing about romance and all
that goofy shit, but it’s from the heart straight up. Fictional stories,
true feelings.
I’m going to put my foot down and turn down any free work anyone
asks of me. I’m just burnt out. I’m dying to work on my own ideas
and I can’t do that if I’m always saying okay to everything that come
my way. And thas it.
This NYC Mech pin up kicked my ass. It was meant to be in B&W,
but Ivan wanted it in color. Since my fuckin ego won’t let anybody
else color my shit, I had to tear that son of a bitch apart to separate
the layers, color it, then reassemble. After about 30 false
starts facing a looming deadline, I finally came to something I was
somewhat comfortable with. Not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do.
Tell me what you think.




I may go back into it someday, to satisfy my soul.
What’s going on this weekend? TomorrowI’m taking a trip to the
land of Beer andCheese with the Deejays .
then on Saturday….

Flyer design by Jake Rockwell…
Hope to see youse guys this weekend!
Jose G
I’m fuggin cranky and I want to sleep.
But I still want to go to Lava Lounge tonight. Who wants
to join me?

The previous post

was just a test. I’m just checking out the privacy settings on this
blog. I’m not trying to be a dick or hold people at arms length. I’m
usually not too shy about posting personal things on this blog. I’ve
dragged a bunch of you through some of my daily woes, often
revealing a little more than I care to.
Right now, only my family members and people who are very close
to me, who know me better than most can view that last blog, It’s
going to remain that way. There may be times I feel like posting
something very personal, and I don’t want the world to read it.I
doubt this would happen often, if at all. Like I said, it was only a test.
It’s not a slight, it’s not a dis, I still love you all….
As for this weekend, Tomorrow (Sat the 14th) I will be at the Abbey
Pub for my man Sang’s birthday party. Peanut Butter Wolf, D
Styles, Pugz Atomz and Intel will be in full effect.
Tonight, I will most likely be at the Black Beetle. Then Pickel and I
will most likely head up to Trevia for some celebratin.
Don’t know how much hanging out I’ll get to do this weekend, or
next week even, since I’ve an asshole’s worth of deadlines to meet.
But get at me anyway and we’ll see what’s crackin. Thanks.

peace is the word.
Jose G

Potpourri for a hundo….

Yuck. Jose Garibaldi is a little sick. Just a little, and it wouldn’t be
so bad if I could breathe and not cough while I sleep.
I was going through some old sketchbooks this past weekend and
came across some crazy shit. That plus the Stevie Wonder I was
listening to brought back a flood of memories. Mostly good. But
aren’t most memories of good times?
Although a lot of the drawings aren’t directly documentary of what
was going on, I could remember where I was and how I felt at the
time I did them.
The following are from the 7th sketchbook I kept. The tone changes
about a quarter into the book. I was a 21 year old head over heels in
I started experimenting with color and style. I think this was
the furthest departure from my normal “style” ever. Twas the
Office Max era. Right before I started to make a living as a
cartoonist/illustrator, before I knew how to use a computer. Before
Bush, before 9/11, rediculous oil prices, Patriot Act paranoia,
Katrina…et al

ahhh, boy with his head in the clouds. De La, Tribe, SNL and Love…

Those were the days. I am proud of how far I’ve come artistically
and mentally since then. Though, I was much more physically fit
then. Fucking computers…..

Well, here’s a couple new sketch pages. Still trickling them out. I’m
working my way back into productivity, albeit slowley…

My ipod froze again ( I just got it back from apple/best buy two
months ago!) while was at the laundromat. sucked. Anyway, that’s
twice in three months. Twice more and I get a new one.

Shouldn’t be doing this, just need to spur my creativity a lil bit..

this is a marker drawing on scrap illustration board I did 12/31/05

Working on some Mad Kids isht. Subject to approval…

and lastly…


Jose J Garibaldi

and of course, you know all images are ©2006 Jose Garibaldi. don’t copy. don’t hate.
be yourself.

New sketches for the new year

It still counts as new right? I think it’s newer now that we’ve all
come out of that drunken haze than it is on the first. Maybe there
should be a slight grace period. Like a week that is neither 05 or 06.
Thanks to all the friends, fam, and well wishers who wished me a
happy birthday. I thought it was going to be a rough one, but I didn’t
spend new year’s alone. DJ Pickel (who shares the same birthday as
me) rocked a great set of hip hop and 80’s club cuts. Y’know, the
shit I love.
Shane and I were kissed by some girl from Oklahoma. Cool.
Got drunker than I thought I would, spent more money than I should
of, but in light of recent events, it went pretty well.
On the first, Shane, Myself, Josh, Carl and Robin ate dinner at
Schuba’s and caught The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was
one of my favorite books as a kid, and I thought they did a pretty
good job with the movie. I want to see the animated version from the
80’s again. take notes and compare.
I’m trying to start sketching in my book again. Actually, as of
yesterday I did start. I’m trying to bring back the passion and
creativity I lost a little while back. I don’t know if I’m burnt out from
working on some of these longer projects or what, but lately I have
not felt like working on anything. I’ll pick away at something, and
take twice as long to finish a piece. I’m sure if I push myself and
work during this funk, eventually I’ll start flowing again.
Also, in regards to my last post, thanks everyone for the support.
One thing I want to mention is that I’m not bitter. Having some
alone time during the holidays led to a lot of thinking. A LOT of
thinking. I know what I’ve got to do now, and I have to make that
adjustment. I’m a firm believer that things eventually work out for
the better. Maybe that’s just a frame of mind, but whatever. I’m
really sick of the bullshit, and if I stick to what I’m doing and
concentrate on my own shit all that crap just goes away.
Alright, on to the sketches before I start sounding like some
lame motivational poster….

sketch from 01/04/06

Sketch from 01/05/06

Layout/Pencils for the next Mad Kids “Family Funnies” strip.
Three more to go….

And now, a little bit of ol’ shit… from 2003

The cover to what was originally going to be my printed sketchbook.
It was going to be called “Wait For Me” and contained a short story
inbetween all the sketches. It’s a four page story which has only
been seen by a small handfull of friends. I want to add a couple more
pages, then I’ll post it here. I promise.
Anyway, the next year I slimmed down the sketch content, excluded
the story and renamed the book to, “Some Bitch Told Me To Draw”
and so the story goes…..

The back cover to “Wait For Me”

Till next time folks….

Oh! Wait. To all the people who read this blog, please introduce
yourselves! Just say ” Hi, my name is Biz Markie” or whatever.
Give me a pound! Tell me some New Year’s Eve stories!

Jose G

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