Scam! 03/31/06

New scam! this weekend.
Don’t worry,  I don’t get it either…

here’s a couple more images for you to chew on, nothing big..

and somefin new..

say shhhhhh..

anyway, the weather is beautiful here in Chicago. It lifts the spirits. Hope all of you have a good weekend, and throw a barbeque or two..


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Lifemeter comics in UK Edge magazine

Lifemeter comics, a blog dedicated to showcasing art and comics
inspired by video games has been written up in a UK videogame
mag called “edge”.
Guess who got a mention?

copied from the Lifemeter site:

Lastly, is the most exciting bit of news for us. Life Meter has seen
print! UK video game magazine
Edge has picked Life Meter as its
website of the Month in their current (April) issue! Thanks go to
Mark Kelly for the heads up. Here’s what they had to say:
Showing all the same inspiration and artistic vision that Raina Lee’s
1up ‘zine and the iam8bit show have bought to the community,
Lifemeter editors Zack Giallongo, Dave Roman and Stephanie Yue
have created one of the interent’s premier showcases for game
related art and comics.
Though still in its early stages, Lifemeter grows daily with
submissions from a dedicated group of indie artists from around the
world, all sharing their takes on their favourite digital worlds. Thus
far the submissions seem to rarely stray from the classic Nintendo
panthenon, perhaps proving the 8bit system’s influence on a
generation of budding artists. But already the site shows a diverse
range of reactions to the subject matter, from standard gag comics
to Jose Garibaldi’s silent telling of a Mario called to action and the
princess he leaves behind.

Go buy it now!

Weerd!! Props to Dave Roman and the lifemeter gang. The site is
dope. Also on the blog are works by my boys Scott Ruhl and Elio.

If you want to peep the story mentioned above, follow the link.
Untitled: Leaving
Also, big up to Shaughn Struble, for originally publishing the story
in the 2004 issue of A United Front.

For the record, my favorite strip on that site is the one with Mario in
the frog suit.

Also, to any of my UK peoples: Is there a way someone could get
me a copy of this edge mag? I’ll compensate you for your time, cost
of the mag plus shipping, etc. Hit me up and let me know. Thanks!!!

Oh, don’t fret. Another update is on the way today!


Scam! 03/24/06

A short while ago, I was recruited by Hollywood to
create movie concepts and write screenplays. Once I stepped
into the producers’ office, they saw something more in me.
The kid from Chicago has great potential. A STAR face.
Fine acting skill. Chops.The kid has “IT”.

Thus, my career in the talkies, eh how do you say..,

Criterion will be putting together a box set of my fine works.

In other news, my short story is still moving along.
Still slow. Still worth the time.
Here’s the latest…

Enjoy your Friday. Tell the snow to fuck off. It’s Spring!

Jose G

p.s.- Peace to Lava Lounge, which is closing it’s doors next week
and reopening in the fall in a new location. I’m gonna miss that spot.
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out permission. It really ain’t that hard to ask…

Scam! 03/17/06

New scam comic. Not entirely happy with this one, but fuggit.
The emphasis is still on sketching and improvisation, so heere goes.

Let me know what you all think. Should I quit while I’m ahead?

to make up for it, here’s some more work in progress, you all
know what it’s from!

like I said, work in progress. still gotta fuck with the B.G and the
puff clouds.

Peace, and have a great St. Paddy’s day! Gat Drawnk, Batchas!!!!!!!

Jose G

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This Is A Photo Blog, I Repeat…

This is a photo blog.
Last night I came across a bunch of these old photos. Proceed to
makefun of me. Just leave Carl alone. Say one thing about Carls
and I’ll kick your teeth in.

me at (i think) 17. 1995
rocking the Yellow Kid shirt

Myself and the late Wesley Willis at the MTP ComicCon table
Rosemont, IL. 1997. R.I.P. Wes

chillin w/ Frank Cho and Marc Hempel in 97

Drunken convention nights in 98
Clockwise from top- Scott Ruhl, Charlie, Carl and Josh Milhouse

“Eggplant” Stan Wenches and Mike Bianco in 98

Eggplant and Mike, again….

me in late 98 i think….

couple freshface photos of myself and Sara. This was less than two
months after I started JRL

Me and Shag in 2002.

chillin with Sara at my sister’s graduation, 2004(?)

Have a good laugh at my expense!

Jose G

Scam! 03/10/06

After reading Jim Mahfood’s Stupid comics and inspired by Laura’s
Hasties comics, I felt like doing something that is more
spontaneous. I haven’t felt like sitting down and sketching, my brain
has been elswhere. So, I found a great way to get a lot of thoughts
out of my head, sketch, write some funny shit here and there aaand
keep this blog updated. So here is Scam. Hopefully I could keep this
running for a while. Basically a sketchpage in comics form…

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, feel free to
ask. Hope your having a great Friday. weather’s been nice.
Wish I could go to the Ghostface show tonight, but I gotta stay in
most of the weekend. Save money, energy and make the most of my
time. I’m falling behind on a bunch of shit, so it’s time to catch up…

edit: I’m aware I forgot the “E” in what should read as care in the
bottom left panel.
fuckin sue me…

Peace everybody!
Jose G.

P.S. I really do totally love my mom! and dad and sara and younger
me, too.

everything on this page is ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi.
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Yeah yeah, I’m still working….

So I haven’t been posting frequently. Things have been rolling
along. Some things not so bad, some things not so good. Been doing
some illo work, some comic work, a lot of coloring work, watching
the shit out of Alias still, fucking around with the ones and two’s (dj
shittydeejay) and still kicking it at the local spots. Time, Money and
Energy all held an intervention. They sat me down and said they’ve
given all they can give. They told me to slow down, get my shit
together, get rest, write stories, back up my hard drives, draw, pay
bills, eat better. So I’m going to TRY to honor their demands.
But I can’t guarantee shit.
Anyway, still not sketching much. But I do have som shit to show.
My man
Revise asked me to collab on a piece with him, which is
being shown at a gallery spot in Cleveland this weekend. I finished
my chunk last night

the sketchbook drawing that inspired my portion of the piece
drew my shit in peeyuncil… shitty sidekick photo

Why post this pic? I dunno…I should open the blinds, put on a free show…

Revise hooked up the swirls, shapes and BG. I lay down the
colors on my dude….

Tightenin’ it up like the Drells…

the whole comp….
I’ve got a scan of this which is not as blurry, but I forgot to bring it. I
might update later……
And of course, there’s this (which is supposed to be done by the end
of the month. Wish me luck!!!!!!
Also, I’m going to remind you to please donate to the March of
. I anticipated a better response to this whole thing than I
actually got. Thanks to those who have donated, and to those who
have not- please help. Sara is $150 bucks away from her goal, but I
think it could surpass that. Let’s give her a hand and get yourself
some sweet art in the process. Thanks.
details are in the last blog, on my
profile page and in the hundreds of
bulletins I’ll be sending out. $100 or more could get score you a
character painting like the one you see above.
Jose G
P.S. Why the fuck is photobucket resizing my images!?
They’re all below the 512K limit. Bitches!!!

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Painting 2006 Jose G and Revise.