Scam! 03/10/06

After reading Jim Mahfood’s Stupid comics and inspired by Laura’s
Hasties comics, I felt like doing something that is more
spontaneous. I haven’t felt like sitting down and sketching, my brain
has been elswhere. So, I found a great way to get a lot of thoughts
out of my head, sketch, write some funny shit here and there aaand
keep this blog updated. So here is Scam. Hopefully I could keep this
running for a while. Basically a sketchpage in comics form…

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, feel free to
ask. Hope your having a great Friday. weather’s been nice.
Wish I could go to the Ghostface show tonight, but I gotta stay in
most of the weekend. Save money, energy and make the most of my
time. I’m falling behind on a bunch of shit, so it’s time to catch up…

edit: I’m aware I forgot the “E” in what should read as care in the
bottom left panel.
fuckin sue me…

Peace everybody!
Jose G.

P.S. I really do totally love my mom! and dad and sara and younger
me, too.

everything on this page is ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi.
any reposting without permission (from me!) is prohibited..