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Whattup, pipples! It’s been a minute since I last updated, drew, or did anything productive. For the last two weeks I’ve been busy helping my family with our loss. Getting back to reality and everyday business has been a ride, but it’ll smooth out soon.
Again, I want to thank everybody who I’ve talked, messaged, hung out with, etc. You’ve made this so much easier to deal with. I really needed the distractions and escapism, and for that I’m forever grateful.
I miss my pops. That really came down on me at the end of Saturday night, realizing that he never got the chance to see me paint live in front of a crowd, with the deejays and all that. Though he always told me he was proud of what I was doing, I always thought it would be cool for him to see it first hand.
So, mom, that means YOU need to come out and see this live art business.
Saturday was off the hook. Thanks to everybody who came out and had a good time. Art Baltazar was in the house!!! Aw Yeah, Man!
If you have yet to attend one of these nights, you are forgiven. Just don’t let it happen again.
So, with all that jazz out of the way, let’s get to the pics…

Revise gets this party started outside

The Background

I’m usually bad when it comes to taking photos at these things. I always forget to snap pics of the work in progress.
It always occurs to meat the end of the night that I own a camera and that I brought it…
Anyway, this is Jose G vs. Revise part 2.

another angle…

and the close up. I wonder what this means…
I may be disturbed.. I hope not.

One of the artists who was scheduled to paint that night didn’t show, so we had an extra board to rock.
I painted the grey dude on the left (along with the little marker characters surrounding him),
Revise on the right, and John rocks the top.

She was taking photos. I shoulda asked her if she could send them to me, but I’m stupid.
drinking in front of the art area..

Shane and his date, Lip Ring

Jeff, Jessica, Lauren, Mike

Beanie, Jolene, Lauren, Traci

Carly, friend and Sarah. And Beer. Gotta love beer…

The lovely Katie B up in the place!!

The real star of the evening- The Rockbox

Midas Wells

Can’t live without my radio

Pickel on the cut

wikka wikka

These beauties totally ruined the “Ugly Party” I had planned…


Pickel takes us out with Peter Gabriel’s
“In Your Eyes”
It was a great night. I’m pretty sure there were more people in attendence Saturday than there was at January’s live art gig.
I’d really like to turn this into
a monthly thing. The Addicts always have a way of getting people on the dance floor having a good time. I could honestly
say that Pickel is my favorite deejay. But his mixtape. It’s got my endorsement.
Peace! and I promise a new Scam! this week.
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Scam! 04/07/06

Chweet dreams are maitre’de (s)…
in other news- Ugh. I’m tired. I have this new routine (at least for the
next couple weeks) where I get up, go to work, come home around
5:30, go to sleep til 8-8:30, get up and get to work(at home). This
project romantic story is doing a number on me, but it is bringing
back the passion for drawing/coloring/et al… I just can’t wait until
the summer.
Not looking foward to doing the whole tax thing next week. every
year I swear I’m gonna get them shits done early, and I never do…
To everybody that’s e-mailed, called, texted, etc…sorry if I haven’t
replied yet. I’m slow. I’m trying to stay in this work mode right now,
that’s why I’m not going out for coffee and all that shee-eie-yot. I’ll
probably break out tomorrow night, hit the beetle (as usual). Just
trying to save some dough, plus stay close to home. Once this story
is all wrapped up I’ll be oot and aboot again.

Jose G

Oh! New ish of Mad Kids (Zack & Cody (w.t.fuck?) cover) should
be out. Go get it. If it’s not out, buy the last issue (I’m sure none of
you test tube babies got it yet!)

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