Scam! 06/22/06

Buh buh buh Back Again…

Yeah, I can’t seem to kill this cough. I have quit smoking, though.
Don’t feel so hot today. Too many PBR tallboys last night.

I will be doing Live Art tonight at Mix on Halsted. Check the front
page in a few for details. Ah fuck it. I’ll post the info now.

from my man Itchie

June, 22 2006. My Birthday Bash
2843 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60601
Cost: $5 after 10 @ Mix. come celebrate the births of SP-1 (A8 Crew!), EDucation (A8 Crew!), and me (Play Cousins!)… i will be djing alongside SP-1, AMPM, and Michael Serafini. we will begin the evening at 8 pm by listening to the newest projects about to be dropped by A8 crew members Booda Blaou and Spq’Her. we will be joined by special guests, too… 21+ “

My Project: Romantic story is almost out the door. This weekend
for sure. I’ve been working on the same eight pages for the past four
months. I hate being slow.
Chris Pitzer is a saint. Buy all his
They’re gorgeous
Give me them comments, and I want kudos!

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Jose Gee

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