Imitating Life: Wordless Version…


Popimagehas posted a preview of Adhouse Book’s upcoming anthology, Project: Romantic, on their website. They chose to feature my contribution, Imitating Life, for the article. You could read the story in full by following this link.
Below are the pages sans lettering. As I dove into it, I neglected to work the word ballons into the composition in the early stages of the art. Ultimately, I think I was able to work them in there pretty well.. Yet, a lot of the details, etc. were covered by dialogue. So here’s the uncut stuff….hi res.


©2006 Jose Garibaldi

and the pencils…


Jose G

Live Art Photos from Elements – 08/17/06

Here are some live art photos from the Elements show at the Funky Buddha last Thursday.
that shit was poppin that night. I’d say it was right up there with the Comicon Black beetle show.
I was jealous of the sea of people having a good time behind me. I wanted to ditch my paint and
join them. for real. if you came, thanks! Also thanks to Q-Phonics for hooking that up.
We gotta do it again!

I started with a warm up sketch, which sold right away…


I wanted to stay with the Ghosts in The Machine theme, which is the title of Intel’s new mix CD

I didn’t quite finish the main piece that night at the show. I thought I had an extra hour, so I went a
little slow. I had a buyer for the piece while I was painting it, and I promised him I’d take it home and
tighten it up…

Can’t wait until next time!!!


Jose Gee

and of course, all this shit is ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi, you thievin bastards!