The Can – my ’96 sketchbook pt. 2 (update 11/30/06)

In 1996, I graduated highschool, lived a crazy summer, then went off
entered the American Academy of Art in Chicago.
“The Can” was my first hardbound sketchbook. It’s initial purpose
was for class, to keep as a journal and for drawing exercises.
I brought my sketchbook everywhere. To friends’ houses, concerts,
coffee shops, etc. Everytime I’d bring it, everyone would ask to see
it. So, in time it went from having a school/work responsibilty to a
way to keep my friends entertained. I swear, this shit was much
funnier back in the day.
Anyway, I plan posting every page in this book and subsequent
volumes. I think there’s about 11…
So, 18 year old college student Jose gee. Please don’t be too harsh…
Dedicated to 96- Chuck D, Scott R, Carl W, Jamie R, Adam P,
Brian, Colleen, Jason and the rest of you knuckleheads…. Yoshi’s
Island, Weed, 40 oh-zees, Ween, Soul Coughing, Beck, ATCQ.
the Cal City apt. and of course- Nora.

My first hardbound sketchbook, complete w/ visitor’s pass…


My homie Brian’s art graces the first page

Don’t ask…

Art by my friend Terrence

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I was a teenage Crumb wannabe..

Art by Maze

Yes, Traci, I am aware I misspelled “vial”….

Adam Pee vs Jose Gee

The following three pages were drawn by a girl name Sonia..

Once again, Oofus takes us out…

Part 2

Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis is one of the greatest
games ever made….

That’s Kick Ass Man, who could defeat ANY super hero, simply
because I say so. K.A.M Vs. Superman? Kick Ass, hands down..

Obsess #3 concept art. I had big plans for that one….


Sketch by the great Seth

…and Adrian Tomine


More coming in the days ahead.


Jose G, 10ys older
still 18 like a muhfucka…

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