One Hundredth Post- Art from 32nd & Urban, 12/16/07


Live art at the 32nd and Urban Gallery opening
was off the hook. Friday the 15th had Intel on
the decks and Revise CMW, Joey D and Kepha
rocked the wall space live…pics of their art

©2006Joey D

©2006 Revise CMW was NOT painting a vagina.

©2006 Kepha
The night then took us to Tuman’s where Haiku
shared the product of his baking skills, then
to the Continental, which fucked my head up
ten times over…

The next day (Saturday the 16th) I painted alongside
Blutt and Esho on the wall across from the pieces above.
Free beer, chips n’ guac, and brownies. Tunes by DJ
Genghiswon. The Scumbags rolled through with full force..

©2006 Esho

©2006 Blutt

Jose G

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A million n’ one sketches, drawings, doodles and dangs…

Cleaning my apartment last weekend, I came across
stacks of sketches, etc. from the past couple years
that have not been posted or seen by anyone outside
myself and few others.
Some done while on the phone, some concept sketches for
work projects, others stuff for my sole entertainment.
Anyway, hope everything’s gravy, and I’ll post some
finished illustrations soon (like, when I do them..)

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