A million n’ one sketches, drawings, doodles and dangs…

Cleaning my apartment last weekend, I came across
stacks of sketches, etc. from the past couple years
that have not been posted or seen by anyone outside
myself and few others.
Some done while on the phone, some concept sketches for
work projects, others stuff for my sole entertainment.
Anyway, hope everything’s gravy, and I’ll post some
finished illustrations soon (like, when I do them..)

An unfinished drawing of Booberry giving me a spongebath


Doc Ock

Peter Pan

Starving artists bake sale

Yard Sale

fucking around with the brush-pen Carl gave me..


Ahhh, Deeds, I can’t wait…

Suh-Suh-Suh-See- Yoonit!

Kristen Wilson and Gary Senise

I can’t believe I drew this. Back from my pre-Haterbaldi days…

Matilda the Honey- my future comic strip?

Ector and Adam of Teen Heaven

My Chemical Romance pencil drawing…

The Crypt-Keeper (or the Vault-Keeper?)


Homer Simpson and Helena (from Teen Heaven)


Wolverine and my old character, T-Rock.


possible promo piece

Bilbo Baggins and his simple brother Bobo…

This was the design for the revamped josegaribaldi.com. I was going
to Flash animate it like the one that’s up now. Unfortunately I
always forget how to use Flash and have to relearn it everytime I
want to update. And I don’t have the time these days. So until I do,
there’s littlebrownheart.com

wow. another T-Rock drawing? I miss being 14…(not really)

More brush-pen shit.


I’m selling the Mr. Lif drawing below. Prolly for $30 or so. Plus
shipping. e-mail me josegaribaldiATgmailDOTcom or message me
here if you’re interested. It’s ink on bristol board..7″x7″
It was used as an editorial illustration for The Pitch In K.C.

plus I’ll even throw in the concept sketch. Free!

Hit me up..

Going ons for the weekend…
Tomorrow (12/15) at Rotofugi-

I’ll be there…
on Saturday….

Saturday, December 16th
32nd & Urban
Open House 7pm – 12am
3201 S. Halsted, Chicago IL, 60608
Opening Celebration Jam II
Live Art by-Eric Sosa, Esho,
Blutt, Jose Garibaldi
Sounds by- DJ Miss Gab, DJ Genghiswon

Hope to see you suckers there…

Jose G

p.s. get your learn on…

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otherwise noted. Biters bewayer!