IHP 102- Lyte as a rock..

gonna keep it simple this week.
Here are the images from the last few live art shows I’ve

From New Year’s reprieve @ Sub-T, Jan. 11th, 07
Joey and Peabe killed it that night. It’s always a good time
with those dudes. Pugs, Static, Rope, Once, Intel all killed
it on stage.

From the Save Darfur tour @ Abbey Pub.
Thanks to Caesar, Revise, Morf and all the acts-
Visionaries, Sleep, Grayskul, Vakill, Pickel…

From the Come-Ups night @ Sub-T Jan. 24th, 07
Big up to Pickel, Maker and Superstar DJ Intel.
Rest in space, Space/Boy….

Yeah, as you can tell the painting has been lacking as of late.
I think it’s time for a live art break. Just a little one.
Gotta restore my juices. Burnout’s a motherfuckaire.
Plus, I’ve got a slew of illustration work, ideas to pitch, and my
pet project

The last couple of weekes have been fun. Maybe too much fun.
I do have another show coming up soon-

Don’t miss out. Last time was a blast. Plus it’s BYOB again.
Seriously, if you missed it on the sixth, you owe it to yourself
to go on the third. I almost wish I wasn’t painting that night…

Did you pick up the new issue of MAD?

Guess who got to rock three full pages of art on the inside?
Here’s a taste-

or should I say sniff?

Have a good weekend, everybody.
Happy Birthday, Oliver!!
Happy Birthday, Tara!

Jose Gee
all work on this blog is ©2007 Jose Garibaldi, with the exception
of  MAD magazine, of course…