Sketch of the Day- 12/13/08

So I’ve been kinda sorta slacking when it comes to blog updating. I missed the last weeks worth of sketches, and the last couple of Teen Heaven comic strips. I’ve just been on a roll drawing and coloring the Teen Heaven full length that I don’t want to break away from it. Anyway, your sketch for today. Real ink on real paper, like the old school…

And a little soundtrack tune for you…
Roger M and Midnight Express
Danger Zone

Jose G


good morning. Whattup y’all

I found that I no longer sketch as much as I used to. At least not for the sake of sketching. And I don’t blog like I used to. So, I think I’ll try something new today. A sketch of the day theme. Whether it’s warming up in the morning or doodling during lunch/phone calls, I’ll try to post something every day. Wish me luck.
Here’s today’s

also, today I posted a new Teen Heaven comic strip. It’s something to tide you over until I have enough pages of the full length story to show.

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Speaking of the Teen Heaven graphic novel, I should give a status report. The intro to the book is close to being done, and the first chapter should be good to go come spring. I started the whole book over again about a month and a half ago, and have been working on it everyday since. I’m satisfied with the results, and think this is the way it was supposed to look and read from the beginning. I hope you’ll feel the same…
Until then, the only sneak peek you’ll get is the image from a few posts back.

Hope everyone’s having a good week, winter’s here. ugh.

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Jose G