New Veggiesomething and Jose G shirts from Formula Werks

I swiped this from the Formulawerks mailer. Build your own shirts, one of which features my logo character, “The Deezle”

Formula Werks & Scumbag Nation: New releases + new colors…Sorry for the wait on updates – that just means we’ve been in the workshop cranking out all kinds of new goodies for you! And today, we have two of those new gems ready for you. First up is Veggiesomething‘s “United by Destruction!,” a true character-plus-text design classic. Along with that is a new design by Jose Garibaldi featuring his legendary “Deezle” character in a two-color print. Both are build your own, and both are available for guys & gals. In addition, we’ve added a whopping 12 new shirt colors to our Build Your Own program. Woo-hoo! Now you can create with over 20 print and 30 shirt colors. Awesometastic, indeed. Get in on the action and build your own today! Stay hungry, grind hard…

“United by Destruction!” T-shirtAn awesome lesson from vgs as he highlights how we’re all different, unique individuals, but also very much the same at the core. That said, he has a suggestion. And what’s that? Let’s get together and destroy! Word-up to vgs, and word-up to you. Includes a vgs logo on the bottom-right corner of the back…• Designed by Veggiesomething
• Colors: Over 30 shirt and 20 print combinations
• Style: Men’s T-shirt, Women’s T-shirt

• Build your own: Men | Women

“Deezle” T-shirtStraight robbin’ fools! Jose G’s “Deezle” character is on the move with a massive sack of dollar-dollar bills. Make sure he’s on your side, ya heard? That way you can always ensure he’s gafflin’ stashes for you instead of from you. Includes a Jose G signature in the lower corner…

• Designed by Jose Garibaldi
• Colors: Over 30 shirt and 20 print combinations
• Style: Men’s T-shirt, Women’s T-shirt

• Build your own: Men | Women

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Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #14 – 08/06/09

It’s a busy weekend in Chicago. Comicon in Rosemont, Lollapalooza downtown. And a billion afterparties. Have fun, be safe and I hope to see you out!
as always, click on the image for a large version.

Santigold hosted party tomorrow with Intel on the decks and me slinging ink/paint. Bound to be fun!!!

Jose G