Jose G Sketches Your New Year- 12/31/09

That’s right, last Weekend Sketch of the Year. Hope you have a good intro to 2010. Help Pickel and I ring in our 32nd year as well. Smallbar tonight, Swig tomorrow.
Click on the link for a larger version.

P.S.  expect a surprise on this blog at midnight.
Be safe and have fun tonight!
It’s a celebration, bitches!
Jose G

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend- The Lost Sketch

So- when this sketch was started, the world outside the window was blowing up and cartoon me was too lazy to do anything about it. I checked my calendar to see what the date of the following weekend would be- September 11th. I couldn’t let the sketch go as is, so I thought I’d turn the explosion into an space invaders like hoard of aliens. Nope, still didn’t seem right, so I decided to scrap it all together and start a new sketch. Bad taste averted.
This being the end of the year and all, I figured I’d share the “Lost Weekend Sketch”  with the world. Hopefully it isn’t too soon to laugh about this….
click on the image for a larger version


Jose G

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #34 – 12/25/09

Sorry for the lateness, thru the holiday shuffle I had no scanner access. Anyway, there wasn’t anything listed for yesterday, hope you had some good family time, food and gifts. Tonight, it’s on to the drinks and the dance.
click on the image for a larger version

Jose G