Super Mario Bros.

I’m a big Super Mario geek. I started these a couple years ago to pass some time between gigs,
all done in Adobe Illustrator
(click on the images for the larger versions)

Mega Man

mixed media/Digital
click on the image for a larger version

a little tune to go with the image..

Big Daddy

This was a commissioned painting I did last month. The client wanted something in the way of an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth illustration. This is what I cooked up. Acrylic on illustration board. click on the image below for a slightly larger version (sorry, lo-res photo)

Interview with Centerstage Chicago

Thanks to Jeff Min for hooking this up.

Photo by Peter parker Lewis
Photo by Peter Parker Lewis

Growing up on Chicago’s far South Side, illustrator/cartoonist/painter Jose Garibaldi learned early on to appreciate the fine art of comics. Whereas most parents would be quick to dismiss strips as lowbrow art, Garibaldi’s mother welcomed it, making publications like Cracked and Mad Magazine readily available for his young mind to absorb. The choice to embrace the offbeat humor of Cracked and Mad clearly comes across in Garibaldi’s illustrations and it’s what makes his art most endearing.

read the rest here:
Jose G Centerstage interview

Unfinished Illo

This was supposed to be my portion of  the 2007 Chicago Funk Jam flyer. I just wasn’t feeling this image at the time.
(click for a larger versh)

I ended up going with the drawing below

which I love and got good response on Myspace and Facebook.
Anyway, I came across that original drawing during my move, and think that I can tweak it and color it up into something nice.
Just wanted to share. I’ll post it if I do decide to do it up something proper.


images © 2010 Jose Garibaldi


yo, slowly but surely getting back to life as it was. I’ve been laying low in my new Los Angeles  home, trying to take advantage of this downtime. I’ve been working on some new comic book stories and pages, a bunch of character designs, and a few cartoon pitches. Sorry to all my friends (both L.A and Chicago) for being a such a hermit. I promise I’ll call soon. In a few I’ll post some sketchbook pages and a couple new pieces.

Also, a sneak of something I’ve been rolling on for myself (and you, of course) more details will come soon.

I’m also looking forward to updating again on a regular basis. For those that haven’t checked the site out, Fronytail is my replacement for the weekend sketch. It’s all hair based. And fun.

So that’s a little semi-update, gonna try to post more often than every few months.