Capital Gains Jerry 2016

Yo! New art for the week!

Capital Gains Jerry cooling off with some nectar of the 1% (the rich like Kool-Aid much like the rest of us, no?)

click on the image for a larger version

based on this sketch:

Thanks for visiting! See you in a few!

Jose G

Rosie’s Lament 2016

I’m on a roll here! New Art!!!

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It’s based on the following sketch:

Have a great week! see you next time!



The Mess 2016

Yo Dudes! Got a new piece for a new year.

click on the image for the larger, uncensored version

The art is coming from various sketches I’ve done over the past few years. The one above is based on this sketch:

I have a grip of drawings set up that are tailored for Instagram. I’m hoping to drop one of these each week, though I can’t designate a particular day. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter for a heads up!