TMNT Emperor Zanmoran

TMNT 2012: Emperor Zanmoran

YO, Gonna drop a little TMNT art right chea. Triceraton Emperor Zanmoran concept sketches and some character turn art, created some time in 2015. This is from the season 4 episode,”The Arena of Carnage” and voiced by one of my favorites, Michael Ironside. There is a lot of great work by a bunch of talented folks on this show. I recommend you check it!
Please click on the image below for a larger version!

Peaches and Herb,

Jose G

Growing Your Psychic Abilities For Fun and Profit, 2016

New Art: Growing Your Psychic Abilities For Fun and Profit, 2016

Yoes! Have a new piece this week. I tried to finish two, since I missed last week, but it’s not happening (yet). I plan on making up for the missing week, so there will be something for every week of the year. Remember to follow on Snapchat (cluepac) for some behind the scenes and progress images.
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Grow Your Psychic © 2016

It’s based on the sketch below. I was going for an old comic book style. I’m still experimenting with technique, subject matter, time management and workflow with these pieces. I’m learning a bit as I go, but I think I can learn much more.
Grow Your Psychic © 2016
See you next week! Laters!
Jose G

A Gift From Baxter, 2016

New Art: A Gift From Baxter

Sorry I’m a day late, but it’s Saturday, and it’s still *this* week, right? Anyway, made some last minute changes to this one and threw Baxter’s name into it. Hope you dig! Just wrapped a big project, so I’ll be back next week with more art, sketches and musings.
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A Gift From Baxter © 2016

the piece is a major extension of this chunk of sketch.
A Gift From Baxter © 2016

Hope you’re having a great 4th of July weekend! Stay safe!


At Last, 2016

New Art: At Last, 2016

Good Morning/Afternoon!
I kinda rocked a rush job this week. Had my head set on working on a different piece, but didn’t think I’d finish it on time. Instead, I grabbed some sketches I had lying around, chopped them up and put this together. It still took me longer than anticipated.
click on the image for a larger version
At Last © 2016

I stepped out of my comfort zone for this, and tried a few different techniques. I guess that’s the goal of these weekly pieces. I’m notoriously obsessive over trying to make my work perfect, and thus killing the flavor of the original sketch. I hit these each week with no direction, just try to come up with the best possible combination of line, color, and context on the fly. Sometimes I’m happy with the results, and other times I just have to put it out there and let the world be the judge. Either way, I’m happy I’ve been able to somewhat consistently share new work. I hope you feel the same!

It’s based on this sketch below:
At Last © 2016

Til necks time!
Jose G
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Petchers, 2016

New Art: Petchers

Hey Gang, got another quick one. Petchers is a piece based on a post-it doodle (Yes, I found a TON of post-it sketches that can make some fun finished illustrations).Just wanted to go simple with this one, since there’s plenty of catching up to do around here. Also, hopefully I’ll be able to follow this post with some information regarding MAD Magazine, an art show tonight and also a book signing tonight. Stay Tuned!

click on the image for a larger version, please—
Petchers © 2016

Based on this Post-It Sketch:
Petchers © 2016


Bet, 2016

New Art: Bet, 2016

Good morning and happy Friday! Got a new one for you this week, “Bet: Escape From The Chalkboard Assassination Squad”. It came together pretty quickly and I’m pretty happy with the results. I parts from two older sketches and combined them for this piece. I think the ones I throw together at the last minute are the ones that turn out the best. If you follow me in Snapchat (username: Cluepac), you can catch glimpses of these new pieces as I work on them. It’s hella fun.

click on the image for a larger version:
Bet © 2016

It’s based on this combination of sketches:
Bet © 2016

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Right This Way, 2016

New Art: Right This Way

A little, one-eyed, one-eared, Cat butler to the multiverse? don’t know. Found a post it with this little dude sketched on it. Most likely from a TMNT meeting. I’m really happy that I’ve been updating this blog regularly. It was getting a bit rusty over the past 5-6 years. Anyway, here’s the piece, click on the image for a larger version.

Right This Way © 2016

below is the post it sketch:

Right Way

Gil Man Gnaw, 2016

New Art: Gil Man Gnaw

Yo Dudes! Got a Deeds character, Gil Man, for you today!
Almost didn’t make it this week, much like last week I have some deadlines looming. But I’m still in the game! Let’s keep it rolling!
Click on the image below for a larger version.
Gil Man Gnaw © 2016

Based on the following notebook sketch.
Gil Man Gnaw © 2016

Barely in the groove, but I’m hanging in there. See you next week!
Also: stay tuned for some announcements!

Jose G

It’s Settled, sketch 2016

Sketchbook: It’s Settled, 2016
It's Settled © 2016

Dropping off a new sketch for the day. A quick sketchbook drawing with a little bit of color. A couple of explorers coming upon a place to build.