At Last, 2016

New Art: At Last, 2016

Good Morning/Afternoon!
I kinda rocked a rush job this week. Had my head set on working on a different piece, but didn’t think I’d finish it on time. Instead, I grabbed some sketches I had lying around, chopped them up and put this together. It still took me longer than anticipated.
click on the image for a larger version
At Last © 2016

I stepped out of my comfort zone for this, and tried a few different techniques. I guess that’s the goal of these weekly pieces. I’m notoriously obsessive over trying to make my work perfect, and thus killing the flavor of the original sketch. I hit these each week with no direction, just try to come up with the best possible combination of line, color, and context on the fly. Sometimes I’m happy with the results, and other times I just have to put it out there and let the world be the judge. Either way, I’m happy I’ve been able to somewhat consistently share new work. I hope you feel the same!

It’s based on this sketch below:
At Last © 2016

Til necks time!
Jose G
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IHP Yearly Dispatch #689 – 20Fifteensies

Hey All-

Yeah it’s been more than a minute. Still designing characters for TMNT , still coloring for Scholastic. MAD Magazine #533 is on the stands, have a 2 page illustration in that. More color work on deck. Just finished some more MAD Magazine goodness. Goosebumps will be out soon. Stan Wenches is fixing to drop some new Cornflakes! on your heads. There is plenty to look forward to. I’ve been sneaking some personal work in here and there. When that’s ready you will know. I’ve also been cleaning hard drives and archiving older work, so I might post some of that in the meantime. Then when the new work is ready, I will post that.  Hope all is good in Internetsville. Don’t forget to follow on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instragrams. I haven’t quite been up on all that, but I update it more frequently than this blog.

Stay UP!
Jose Geezy.

Internet House Party 109- Dinninit!


Gonna make this quick, gotta get back on my grind.
I broke away from coloring for a second to do a little bit of sketching
here and there. Nothing big. I’m dying to do more drawing.

The top three were from my trip to L.A. during the summer.
Last one I did yesterday. gold star for me.

Old character (and Evil DJ Cap’m Hook’s
original nemesis) Deejay Poppyseedgluvs.
Redone with a Comeups hat.

Here’s a quickie flyer I designed for my homie Maker.
It’s his Birthday Party tonight! I better see you there.
Mr. Motherfucking Dibbs will be there.
Cain’t go wrong.

Deeds related characters.

and here’s some color work I’ve been on.
First, the Earthworms’ new album cover.
Drawing by Foodone, finishes by Jose G

line work


and here’s a couple peeks of what I’ve been working on for the past couple months- Magic Pickle by Scott Morse. Dropping next summer
from Scholastic Books (Graphix)
Scott and Scholastic asked me to add color to the Magic Pickle graphic
novel, which was originally published by Oni Press.
I should be done with it this weekend.

Next stop- Smileytower!
Be sure to check my profile page to keep up on my live art and
DJ gigs.
Oh, and subscribe to my blog. I promise I’ll be your friend 🙂
Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.
a/k/a/ crazy pickle arm. Gammaay some canday!!!

Contents of this blog, © 2007 Jose Garibaldi, except
Magic Pickle © 2007 Scott Morse and
Earthworms image  © 2007 Jim Mahfood

Live art pics from Wed Night Trimm @ Danny’s 11/29

I’m waiting on photos from Huddleston so you can get the full scoop.
Thanks to those who made it out and gave props.
Thanks to Tony Trimm and Novem for setting this up.
Thanks to Once A Month and John Herndon for the dancefloor
Thanks to Mike and Erin for rockin it once again!
Wednesday Night Trimm at Danny’s is always a good time.
Peace to the birthday girls in the house!
Thanks to Carl Wilson for being Carl Wilson.

The first piece of the night. This was supposed to only be a warm-up.
I like it..
“Ricky Walks With God”

Thanks to Mike  for the board…

The second piece of the night. I painted til the end…


I’ll most likely edit this post with an update once I get more photos.
It’s strange looking at these live art paintings under normal light.
Most spots are dark with colored lights, so it alters the colors you
work with.

Don’t have any more Live art shows booked until late December,
though I’m sure one or two will come up between now and then. I’ll
keep you posted.
plus you could always check my profile for dates, etc..

image and characters  ©2006 Jim Mahfood. Don’t Bite.

In other news, , Jim Mahfood’s website, has
finally been updated. I know Jim’s been working on getting this up
since last year, and after a few setbacks it’s good to go. I did the
coloring for all his webpage images (and I colored a few illustrations
here and there). Check it out, leave Jim some love and let me know
what you think! And be sure to give props to Jen for her web

inspired by the Isleys….

Stay warm, Chicago!
Jose Gee

this blog and it’s contents are ©2006 Jose Garibaldi, except where
noted otherwise.
I don’t steal your cable, so please don’t steal my images.
fair, eh?

NYC Mechsican (Reprise)

Ugh. Tired.
Anyway, stayed up late the past couple nights juggling this NYC
Mech pin-up and some Mad shit. I can’t wait for Sunday, so I could
sit around and do nothing. I thought I was about to lose it, trying to
concentrate on work, thinking about other things…. And the caffeine
only makes it worse. I back up to a half a pack of cigs again (I was
down to one or two a day, and close to quitting. Then the shit hit the
I’ve got my idea for my project romantic story, and I’m excited
about it. It’s almost bad timing to be writing about romance and all
that goofy shit, but it’s from the heart straight up. Fictional stories,
true feelings.
I’m going to put my foot down and turn down any free work anyone
asks of me. I’m just burnt out. I’m dying to work on my own ideas
and I can’t do that if I’m always saying okay to everything that come
my way. And thas it.
This NYC Mech pin up kicked my ass. It was meant to be in B&W,
but Ivan wanted it in color. Since my fuckin ego won’t let anybody
else color my shit, I had to tear that son of a bitch apart to separate
the layers, color it, then reassemble. After about 30 false
starts facing a looming deadline, I finally came to something I was
somewhat comfortable with. Not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do.
Tell me what you think.




I may go back into it someday, to satisfy my soul.
What’s going on this weekend? TomorrowI’m taking a trip to the
land of Beer andCheese with the Deejays .
then on Saturday….

Flyer design by Jake Rockwell…
Hope to see youse guys this weekend!
Jose G
I’m fuggin cranky and I want to sleep.
But I still want to go to Lava Lounge tonight. Who wants
to join me?

Wip Appeal

Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo
Looks like my little break is over. Well, it’s been over for a minute,
but thefire is going to be under my ass again. Got a couple freelance
projects inthe works. Looks like you all will have to get a
subscription to Mad Kids.That’s right! At least all through next year
(and possibley  beyond), I will be illustrating the Family Funnies
strip in the Alfred’s Brain Drool section.
The first issue is on stands now. Cop it!!!!!

Don’t have much in the way of finished work. I’ve been juggling
again. Hopefully in about six months I’ll have a gang of Beast-
Man stories to drop on you all. Also in the pipeline is Teen Heaven.
I’ve been writing and drawing this on and off since January of 2004.

I keep dropping it in order to work on other, more lucrative
assignments (ain’t nuthin goin on but the rent), so even tho
I’m truckin on it now, this bitch won’t be done in less than
a year. So don’t expect to see it until early 2007, at the
earliest. But it will be worf it!
Here’s some work in progress pages, presented in random

And some finished (or close to it) pages)

Be sure to add Teen Heaven to you book of friends! and check out
the old 03 comic strips!
and, along with all that, some Beastman shit!(work in progress)

hope you dig em, and keep an eye out for all this stuff in the near future!
Jose G
all images and characters on this page are ©2005 Jose Garibaldi

Slam Diego, Comics, and Felt 2

Hey heyhey
Felt 2 dropped yesterday, and I urge all of you to run out, buy it, sit on the floor and listen to it while you read along with Jim Mahfood’s Felt: True Tales.. book from Image Comics. The comic sports healthy colors by mythelf, funny shit from mister food, and the album has the dope cuts from Slug, Murs and Ant. The package is now complete…

I-I-I-It’s Yours!!!!!

I’m off to San Diego bright n early tomorrow morning, making my way to comicon. Got my art ready, got my game, gotta get my fade hooked up, but other than that I’m read to go! I know for sure I will be signing at the Oni Press booth on Friday from 4:30 to 5:50 with Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, so bring your copies of Maria’s Wedding for us to scrawl on.
Dark Horse doesn’t have me scheduled for anything, but Dini will be signing from 4-5. I’ll most likely be buzzing around there at that time, begging for change.
Also, don’t forget to hit the Comicon Funk Party Saturday night! DJ’s and Live Art. Details here-
If anybody wishes to meet up at and/or around the con, send me an e-mail- .

And now for some art. I posted these elsewhere, don’t think they made it on the blog… From the failed Franchise comic strip I was doing for I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to keep up with the monthly strip thing, I’s just burnt.reaaaally burnt. I Love You Tastes Like Chicken. Sorry I didn’t work.

Peace! More when I get back hizoome.

Paragraph President

shoot the gift like the NRA on Christmas.

Look out below!

In other news, Jim Mahfood’s “Puttin’ The Backbone Back” is in stores!
The book is a collection of Jim’s art.
(it also has a cover colored by yo’s truthfully!!!)
Pick it up at you local comic shop (or drive out of state, what do I care)
OR order it from Mahfood Papadapolis himself via The 40oz Store

Peace out to Maude for her generous hospitality at the old Wilson House during my Wrigleyville visit.

The New update page

I’m hoping this blogger thing would make it easier for me to update regularly, so look out, dickheads I’m finna update with a rage! There’s a ton of illustrations, stories and sketches I’ve yet to post, not to mention projects to announce and promote.
On the shelf:
Bad Ideas #s1 & 2 (Cover Colors) from Image Comics.
Tastes Like Chicken Magazine, both print and online
Kitchen Sink Magazine #8
A United Front from
Punchthroat Anthology
Some Bitch Told Me To Draw – a sketchbook collection from
And more shit that I’ll remember.

On the plate:
Putting the Backbone Back (cover colors) Image Comics – September
Jingle Belle #1-4 (Cover and interiors) Dark Horse Comics – Nov 04- Feb 04
Is This The End Of Teen Heaven (Story/art) Oni Press – Mid 05

I will explain what the deal is with Teen Heaven, and why it did not come out last month.