The Prodigal SCAM! returns, 07/14/16


So. Ten years and a week after I posted the last Scam! comic, I present this semi-new Scam! comic. I started drawing the top three panels of this piece in July of 2006, but for whatever reason I abandoned it. Ten years later, I finished this page. It’s going to lead to a bigger story concerning what our hero has been up to for the past decade. Click on the image for a larger, readable version.

Prodigal Scam! © 2016

It feels great to get back into comics again. Since 2006, I have been out of the loop with sequential art (at least in terms of anything available to the public). Aside from Scam!, I’m also working on a regular series that will be announced soon.

When I look back on much of my older work, I cringe over the content. Quite a bit of offensive ignorance on my part. Though at the time I felt my intentions were good, my attempts at shock and satire fell flat. Time has turned a spotlight on these failures (at least for me), and it’s something I think about a lot. Maturity might not be apparent in the strip above (since it was started in 2006), but if I continue Scam! on a weekly basis, I do hope it better reflects the growth I’ve made as a person.


Frank N Em 2016

Happy End of March 16! I made it through another month of weekly art!
I have many more in the works for the rest of the year.
I hope you’re enjoying these, and if you can, please feel free to share.
The new piece below has an uncensored version you can view if you click on the image below.

© 2016 Jose Garibaldi Illustration Art

This was taken from the 3rd ever Weekend Sketch from 2009.
© 2016 Jose Garibaldi Illustration Art

Have a great rest of your week, see youse in April!


The IHP Gazette post #887- Happy New Year

Teen Heaven logo copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi
I wasn’t going to post anything Teen Heaven related, since it’s been a struggle trying to get this thing done. And I’ve been going on about it for the last ten years. But then I thought, as a birthday present to myself, I’ll post a few pages from what I’ve been picking at. I think I may finally have a system to get this thing out of my head and onto the screen/page. It’s been start/stop, start/stop, fix, redo, start/stop since (literally) ten years ago.
I have a schedule worked out for kicking it with this thing on a regular basis, and I still plan to post a panel daily (or about daily) at . I have an upcoming gig that’s going to take me out of the loop for about a month or two, but I do have things set up in a way that I’d be able to jump right back into rocking this comic soon after said gig is done. At least that’s what I hope. I’ve been jonesing to do the writing/drawing/coloring/comics thing again.
So in the meantime, I hope you dig what I’m putting down. Keep in mind, these are works in progress.
This is from the story’s intro.

click on the images below for a larger version.

P. 01


P. 03

P. 04

P. 05

P. 06

As you see, it’s still in various forms of progress, but it’s getting there.

Remember, this will be serialized on (hopefully starting mid-2014) . For an example of how this will flow, read the original strip.

That’s all for 2013! Thanks for bearing with my dozens of posts today. If all works out I’ll be posting more next year and beyond. No more of this lump sum business.
Everybody have fun tonight, reflect, love the ones you’re with. Be safe out there, and I’ll see you in 2014!


Obligatory Teen Heaven W.I.P. number 8,001…

Yea, still working on this s.o.b…
I’m only getting about an hour a week (actually less, I haven’t touched it in a month)
One day she’ll be done! one day. .. sigh.
Well, here’s a peek at what I’ve been doing with it.

click to make bigger…



Click on the image for the larger version. NSFW

Deeds is a Teen Heaven spin off that takes place in the same world, only hundreds of years before. Look for a weekly strip starting next week and a comic book mini-series later in the year. Yeah, 2010!
Jose G


good morning. Whattup y’all

I found that I no longer sketch as much as I used to. At least not for the sake of sketching. And I don’t blog like I used to. So, I think I’ll try something new today. A sketch of the day theme. Whether it’s warming up in the morning or doodling during lunch/phone calls, I’ll try to post something every day. Wish me luck.
Here’s today’s

also, today I posted a new Teen Heaven comic strip. It’s something to tide you over until I have enough pages of the full length story to show.

put in a friend request and leave comments while you’re there.

Speaking of the Teen Heaven graphic novel, I should give a status report. The intro to the book is close to being done, and the first chapter should be good to go come spring. I started the whole book over again about a month and a half ago, and have been working on it everyday since. I’m satisfied with the results, and think this is the way it was supposed to look and read from the beginning. I hope you’ll feel the same…
Until then, the only sneak peek you’ll get is the image from a few posts back.

Hope everyone’s having a good week, winter’s here. ugh.

One more thing- Check out/subscribe to dj U-Tern’s One Day Later podcasts. They’re golden.


Jose G

Mad #495 on sale this week

Good morning!

Happy Octobers people. So far, off to a good start!
Had a good time last weekend, as documented by young Intel.
Mad Magazine #495 , November 2008
Just want to let everyone know that the latest issue of Mad Magazine hits the comic shops today, and I think it should be on the magazine rack at your preferred bookseller no later than next week. Or you can always order online.
I have two pages this time around, 10 illustrations for an article titled ” When High School Elections Are Run Like Presidential Elections”, written by Nathaniel Stein.

Other works in prgress:
A custom Devil Dog for the Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show, this Halloween in NYC

and of course, I’m always working on Teen Heaven. one day one day….
Ector and Adam from Teen Heaven

Well, it’s back to work time.

Jose G