The Prodigal SCAM! returns, 07/14/16


So. Ten years and a week after I posted the last Scam! comic, I present this semi-new Scam! comic. I started drawing the top three panels of this piece in July of 2006, but for whatever reason I abandoned it. Ten years later, I finished this page. It’s going to lead to a bigger story concerning what our hero has been up to for the past decade. Click on the image for a larger, readable version.

Prodigal Scam! © 2016

It feels great to get back into comics again. Since 2006, I have been out of the loop with sequential art (at least in terms of anything available to the public). Aside from Scam!, I’m also working on a regular series that will be announced soon.

When I look back on much of my older work, I cringe over the content. Quite a bit of offensive ignorance on my part. Though at the time I felt my intentions were good, my attempts at shock and satire fell flat. Time has turned a spotlight on these failures (at least for me), and it’s something I think about a lot. Maturity might not be apparent in the strip above (since it was started in 2006), but if I continue Scam! on a weekly basis, I do hope it better reflects the growth I’ve made as a person.


Scam! 07/07/06

New Scam!, you marcies!!

How much of the above is true?

Tomorrow Night- BE THERE:

Dennehy Release Party
w/ Serengeti and Haiku
3855 N. Lincoln Ave
I will be painting live with these talented cats. Go there, cop
Blew, Dennehy and Gasoline Rainbows….
Listen to the title track from The Dennehy album.
Greatest Chicago song EVER. Yes, better than the
Superbowl Shuffle.It’s the first track on the Bonafyde Records
My man
Midas Wells kills it on production. He says he’ll
make beats for food. Just make sure that turkey burger
has seasoning on it….
Dennehy is full of:

and of course….

have a good weekend, and hope to see most of
you tomorrow at Martyr’s..


P.S.- Don’t talk to Jueles
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except for the photos. I got em from google.

Scam! 06/29/06

Damn, my energy done whhyped itself out.

Got a five day weekend coming up,
and my Project: Romantic story is
finally done. It’s called “Imitating Life: The Ghost
Robot and The Girl From Space”. It’ll be out
in October. wish I could post it here.
Anyway- New Scam. sorry if it sucks, but I
can’t wait to go home and take a nap.
fer rills.

Also, this weekend (Sat, July 1st)
I will be doing live art @ untitled on Clark.
Saturday, July 1st
@ Untitled
2705 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614-1502
2pm – 6pm
Deejays Pickel, Sang, Intel

then afterwards- Pickel and Intel at the Black Beetle.

2532 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, 60622 – (773) 384-0701
11pm.  Do it.

Hope you have a great 4th weekend!


Jose G

all content of this blog ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi . except that photo
of Pickel and Intel. Don’t know who took that. wudn’t me, doh

Scam! 06/22/06

Buh buh buh Back Again…

Yeah, I can’t seem to kill this cough. I have quit smoking, though.
Don’t feel so hot today. Too many PBR tallboys last night.

I will be doing Live Art tonight at Mix on Halsted. Check the front
page in a few for details. Ah fuck it. I’ll post the info now.

from my man Itchie

June, 22 2006. My Birthday Bash
2843 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60601
Cost: $5 after 10 @ Mix. come celebrate the births of SP-1 (A8 Crew!), EDucation (A8 Crew!), and me (Play Cousins!)… i will be djing alongside SP-1, AMPM, and Michael Serafini. we will begin the evening at 8 pm by listening to the newest projects about to be dropped by A8 crew members Booda Blaou and Spq’Her. we will be joined by special guests, too… 21+ “

My Project: Romantic story is almost out the door. This weekend
for sure. I’ve been working on the same eight pages for the past four
months. I hate being slow.
Chris Pitzer is a saint. Buy all his
They’re gorgeous
Give me them comments, and I want kudos!

Say you,
Say me,
Say it forever,
Jose Gee

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Scam! 06/08/06

Yes, it has been two months.

I stopped working on these strips when my dad passed in April.
From that, I had a ton of work that I needed to catch up on. The
whole time, I wondered how I would return to the strip. A tribute to
dad? (There will be one) A humerous adventure not featuring me,
but my funny animal characters (there is one half done funny animal
Scam! strip which I will finish soon) Nope. The past month has been
a bit of an awakening for me. After a year plus of being in a funk,
I’ve opened my eyes to all that’s good in my life. Art shows, kick
ass friends, the city of Chicago, and other personal things I won’t get
into here. I finally feel like I could let go of the past I so desperately
clinged to. I’ve accepted change, and appreciate what I have. Yeah,
the shit sounds fuckin corny (and it is), but it lifts my spirits. So fuck

That’s pretty much what I address in the new strip. Kicking the shit
out of the things that give me a headache. Takin’ care of bid’nizz.

Summer’s here! Surf’s up, meetches!
Jose G

Scam is ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi

Scam! 04/07/06

Chweet dreams are maitre’de (s)…
in other news- Ugh. I’m tired. I have this new routine (at least for the
next couple weeks) where I get up, go to work, come home around
5:30, go to sleep til 8-8:30, get up and get to work(at home). This
project romantic story is doing a number on me, but it is bringing
back the passion for drawing/coloring/et al… I just can’t wait until
the summer.
Not looking foward to doing the whole tax thing next week. every
year I swear I’m gonna get them shits done early, and I never do…
To everybody that’s e-mailed, called, texted, etc…sorry if I haven’t
replied yet. I’m slow. I’m trying to stay in this work mode right now,
that’s why I’m not going out for coffee and all that shee-eie-yot. I’ll
probably break out tomorrow night, hit the beetle (as usual). Just
trying to save some dough, plus stay close to home. Once this story
is all wrapped up I’ll be oot and aboot again.

Jose G

Oh! New ish of Mad Kids (Zack & Cody (w.t.fuck?) cover) should
be out. Go get it. If it’s not out, buy the last issue (I’m sure none of
you test tube babies got it yet!)

All content is 2006 Jose J Garibaldi, meetches!!!

Scam! 03/31/06

New scam! this weekend.
Don’t worry,  I don’t get it either…

here’s a couple more images for you to chew on, nothing big..

and somefin new..

say shhhhhh..

anyway, the weather is beautiful here in Chicago. It lifts the spirits. Hope all of you have a good weekend, and throw a barbeque or two..


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legally I could probably (not) break your thumbs if you repost
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Scam! 03/24/06

A short while ago, I was recruited by Hollywood to
create movie concepts and write screenplays. Once I stepped
into the producers’ office, they saw something more in me.
The kid from Chicago has great potential. A STAR face.
Fine acting skill. Chops.The kid has “IT”.

Thus, my career in the talkies, eh how do you say..,

Criterion will be putting together a box set of my fine works.

In other news, my short story is still moving along.
Still slow. Still worth the time.
Here’s the latest…

Enjoy your Friday. Tell the snow to fuck off. It’s Spring!

Jose G

p.s.- Peace to Lava Lounge, which is closing it’s doors next week
and reopening in the fall in a new location. I’m gonna miss that spot.
all art, words and ideas on this blog ©2006 Jose Garibaldi
unless otherwise noted. Please don’t reprint or repost with-
out permission. It really ain’t that hard to ask…

Scam! 03/17/06

New scam comic. Not entirely happy with this one, but fuggit.
The emphasis is still on sketching and improvisation, so heere goes.

Let me know what you all think. Should I quit while I’m ahead?

to make up for it, here’s some more work in progress, you all
know what it’s from!

like I said, work in progress. still gotta fuck with the B.G and the
puff clouds.

Peace, and have a great St. Paddy’s day! Gat Drawnk, Batchas!!!!!!!

Jose G

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Scam! 03/10/06

After reading Jim Mahfood’s Stupid comics and inspired by Laura’s
Hasties comics, I felt like doing something that is more
spontaneous. I haven’t felt like sitting down and sketching, my brain
has been elswhere. So, I found a great way to get a lot of thoughts
out of my head, sketch, write some funny shit here and there aaand
keep this blog updated. So here is Scam. Hopefully I could keep this
running for a while. Basically a sketchpage in comics form…

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, feel free to
ask. Hope your having a great Friday. weather’s been nice.
Wish I could go to the Ghostface show tonight, but I gotta stay in
most of the weekend. Save money, energy and make the most of my
time. I’m falling behind on a bunch of shit, so it’s time to catch up…

edit: I’m aware I forgot the “E” in what should read as care in the
bottom left panel.
fuckin sue me…

Peace everybody!
Jose G.

P.S. I really do totally love my mom! and dad and sara and younger
me, too.

everything on this page is ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi.
any reposting without permission (from me!) is prohibited..