Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #67- 12/22/12: Past The End Of The World


Been a long minute since the last art post. The day gig has kept me pretty well occupied, so I haven’t had much time to contribute posts to the world wide web…

Anyway, I’m heading back to Chicago, and as such I’ve sketched up a little something. I didn’t really list many events, but if you’re in the area drop me a line and perhaps we’ll meet up.

click on the image below for the large version.

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #67

Stay Frosty!!



Eat Your Art Out 4: Rikky’s Bitch

Hey all!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been working a lot, unfortunately I’m unable to show you 95% of it..
This here’s a little piece I contributed to this year’s Eat Your Art Out group show a Meltdown comics. It took place a couple weeks ago and featured astounding art from over 60 different artists. Twas quite an event…
It’s acrylic paint on illustration board, and it’s called “Rikky’s Bitch”
click on the images below for the larger versions…



Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #64- 08/20/10

It’s nearing the end of the Weekend Sketch, but nightlife in the Chi will rage on. Come out and support these events! You’ll have fun while showing love!
click on the image below for a larger version…

Jose G

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #60- 07/09/10

Happy 60th Weekend sketch!
It’s hot this weekend. Enjoy the weather before old crab-ass winter creeps in and we’re all forced back into our caves. For starters, I say come out to Swig tonight!
for a larger version, click on the image below.