All the way live (baby baby baby)

Thanks to everybody who came out last Saturday to get down to the
sounds of the Analog Addicts while myself, Katie and Chris painted.
That shit was a blast, and from what I heard (and saw) you all did,
Let me start with my trip to Milwaukee on Friday. the eight of us
(Sang, Anne, Jason, Adam, Jake, Brandy and Katie) braved a
snowstorm to watch Intel spin with Why B and Kid Cut Up. Milan
painted some ill shit. I jumped on the boards for a second. Saw
Wayne, who I haven’t seen in a while. um…. Then six of us decided
to ride back in my car that same night. Poor brandy! Thanks to Sang
home around 6am or so. slept in, ate lunch at hot doug’s with sang
and adam, napped, then got ready for the jam.
Saturdays live art night was off the hook (as I mentioned above).
Didn’t think I would make it on time, but it all worked out. When I
do the live art thing, I usually work on muliple pieces (as does Jim
and Dave and Milan). While one piece dries, I work on another. Or
if one piece is a disaster, I work on another, then come back to try
and save it. This board at Trevia had to be at least 6+ feet. I don’t
usually sketch out my paintings either (for live art, that is). I’ll lay
down a base color for the b.g. then improvise the figures, etc. Since
this was the only piece I was working on, I thought I better bust a
sketch first. Now, people asked if I have an idea of what to paint
before I show up. The answer is no, I don’t. The sketch I layed down
(with a light grey marker) was straight up spontaneity.
I did not think I’d finish the piece at all. There is about a foot left
blank at the top of the board that my short arms couldn’t reach. I’m
a mutant.
Anyway, at the end of the night, Jake was goin off with those jams. I
turn around to see people dancing and singing and having an all
around good time. Fuck yeah. I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks
again to the Analog Addicts and Trevia for doing this…….

me painting. Photo by Intel

Me n Katie B in the place to be. Photo by Intel

The finished piece

the next day, me n the gang had lunch at the Pacific Cafe.Talking
about the drama that unfolded just hours earlier….

to the left…

to the right..
See y’all on the flipside.
Jose G

memeber: all images 2006 Jose Garibaldi, ‘Cept Intel’s pictures. thems is 2006 Jason Deuchler

NYC Mechsican (Reprise)

Ugh. Tired.
Anyway, stayed up late the past couple nights juggling this NYC
Mech pin-up and some Mad shit. I can’t wait for Sunday, so I could
sit around and do nothing. I thought I was about to lose it, trying to
concentrate on work, thinking about other things…. And the caffeine
only makes it worse. I back up to a half a pack of cigs again (I was
down to one or two a day, and close to quitting. Then the shit hit the
I’ve got my idea for my project romantic story, and I’m excited
about it. It’s almost bad timing to be writing about romance and all
that goofy shit, but it’s from the heart straight up. Fictional stories,
true feelings.
I’m going to put my foot down and turn down any free work anyone
asks of me. I’m just burnt out. I’m dying to work on my own ideas
and I can’t do that if I’m always saying okay to everything that come
my way. And thas it.
This NYC Mech pin up kicked my ass. It was meant to be in B&W,
but Ivan wanted it in color. Since my fuckin ego won’t let anybody
else color my shit, I had to tear that son of a bitch apart to separate
the layers, color it, then reassemble. After about 30 false
starts facing a looming deadline, I finally came to something I was
somewhat comfortable with. Not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do.
Tell me what you think.




I may go back into it someday, to satisfy my soul.
What’s going on this weekend? TomorrowI’m taking a trip to the
land of Beer andCheese with the Deejays .
then on Saturday….

Flyer design by Jake Rockwell…
Hope to see youse guys this weekend!
Jose G
I’m fuggin cranky and I want to sleep.
But I still want to go to Lava Lounge tonight. Who wants
to join me?

Slam Diego, Comics, and Felt 2

Hey heyhey
Felt 2 dropped yesterday, and I urge all of you to run out, buy it, sit on the floor and listen to it while you read along with Jim Mahfood’s Felt: True Tales.. book from Image Comics. The comic sports healthy colors by mythelf, funny shit from mister food, and the album has the dope cuts from Slug, Murs and Ant. The package is now complete…

I-I-I-It’s Yours!!!!!

I’m off to San Diego bright n early tomorrow morning, making my way to comicon. Got my art ready, got my game, gotta get my fade hooked up, but other than that I’m read to go! I know for sure I will be signing at the Oni Press booth on Friday from 4:30 to 5:50 with Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, so bring your copies of Maria’s Wedding for us to scrawl on.
Dark Horse doesn’t have me scheduled for anything, but Dini will be signing from 4-5. I’ll most likely be buzzing around there at that time, begging for change.
Also, don’t forget to hit the Comicon Funk Party Saturday night! DJ’s and Live Art. Details here-
If anybody wishes to meet up at and/or around the con, send me an e-mail- .

And now for some art. I posted these elsewhere, don’t think they made it on the blog… From the failed Franchise comic strip I was doing for I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to keep up with the monthly strip thing, I’s just burnt.reaaaally burnt. I Love You Tastes Like Chicken. Sorry I didn’t work.

Peace! More when I get back hizoome.