Eat Your Art Out 9: Calvin and the Coconuts

Yo Dudes!
Earlier this year I was asked to contribute to the latest Eat Your Art Out fundraiser for the Angel City Derby crew, and I was glad I actually got a chance to contribute again. Last one I contributed to was in 2011. Unfortunately, I had to miss out on attending this year’s event, but I’m sure it was off the chain. Thanks to Jane Dope and the EYAO crew for having me! This piece is 9X12, acrylic on board. I’ve heard it’s already found a new home!

Click on the image below for a larger version.
© 2016 Jose Garibaldi Illustration Art

It was based on the following sketch from an old 2009 Weekend Sketch.

© 2016 Jose Garibaldi Illustration Art
These old sketch pages have been a constant source of ideas when I’m running on blank (especially for all the new Instagram illustrations I’ve been doing)

Anyway, I should have a new illustration for the world this week!

Jose G

Instagram Feed

Lately, I have been posting older works to my Instagram page, @cluepac. Soon I’ll be posting newer works there as well. Be sure to follow and stay up on the latest!


Eat Your Art Out 4: Rikky’s Bitch

Hey all!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been working a lot, unfortunately I’m unable to show you 95% of it..
This here’s a little piece I contributed to this year’s Eat Your Art Out group show a Meltdown comics. It took place a couple weeks ago and featured astounding art from over 60 different artists. Twas quite an event…
It’s acrylic paint on illustration board, and it’s called “Rikky’s Bitch”
click on the images below for the larger versions…



Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #24 – 10/16/09

It might be getting cooler in the Chi, yet the heat’s still on. Just hit up any or all of the events listed below!
click on the image below for make large.

Most of the events listed are 21 and over. Be safe everybody!

Jose G

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #14 – 08/06/09

It’s a busy weekend in Chicago. Comicon in Rosemont, Lollapalooza downtown. And a billion afterparties. Have fun, be safe and I hope to see you out!
as always, click on the image for a large version.

Santigold hosted party tomorrow with Intel on the decks and me slinging ink/paint. Bound to be fun!!!

Jose G

IHP 106- Fight Series no. 6: Hold The Mayo

Whattuppers? Sorry for the slow updates, workin my grind as usual.
In addition to the coloring/comic/flyer/etc work, I took part in a group art
show last weekend called “Get Fit” at the south side 32nd & Urban
gallery. There was a great turnout, thanks to all who rolled through.
If you couldn’t make it to the opening, no worries. The show’s open until
May 23rd.
Here’s the piece I contributed, titled “Fight Series No. 6: Hold The
Mayo”. It was inspired by Olivia Newton-John (though that isn’t her in
the painting…)

Acrylic on illustration board, 20″ x 32″
It’s selling for $560.00. If you’d like to buy it, please contact the fine
folks at 32nd & Urban Gallery –
3201 S.Halsted Ave. , Chicago IL 60608

Other than that, still working on the Deeds/Teen Heaven comics. More details as I get closer to completion. Live art in Aurora on May 25th.

Hope you’re all enjoying life. Sun’s out, bitches!!!

Jose G.