Scam! 03/31/06

New scam! this weekend.
Don’t worry,  I don’t get it either…

here’s a couple more images for you to chew on, nothing big..

and somefin new..

say shhhhhh..

anyway, the weather is beautiful here in Chicago. It lifts the spirits. Hope all of you have a good weekend, and throw a barbeque or two..


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Scam! 03/24/06

A short while ago, I was recruited by Hollywood to
create movie concepts and write screenplays. Once I stepped
into the producers’ office, they saw something more in me.
The kid from Chicago has great potential. A STAR face.
Fine acting skill. Chops.The kid has “IT”.

Thus, my career in the talkies, eh how do you say..,

Criterion will be putting together a box set of my fine works.

In other news, my short story is still moving along.
Still slow. Still worth the time.
Here’s the latest…

Enjoy your Friday. Tell the snow to fuck off. It’s Spring!

Jose G

p.s.- Peace to Lava Lounge, which is closing it’s doors next week
and reopening in the fall in a new location. I’m gonna miss that spot.
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Scam! 03/17/06

New scam comic. Not entirely happy with this one, but fuggit.
The emphasis is still on sketching and improvisation, so heere goes.

Let me know what you all think. Should I quit while I’m ahead?

to make up for it, here’s some more work in progress, you all
know what it’s from!

like I said, work in progress. still gotta fuck with the B.G and the
puff clouds.

Peace, and have a great St. Paddy’s day! Gat Drawnk, Batchas!!!!!!!

Jose G

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NYC Mechsican (Reprise)

Ugh. Tired.
Anyway, stayed up late the past couple nights juggling this NYC
Mech pin-up and some Mad shit. I can’t wait for Sunday, so I could
sit around and do nothing. I thought I was about to lose it, trying to
concentrate on work, thinking about other things…. And the caffeine
only makes it worse. I back up to a half a pack of cigs again (I was
down to one or two a day, and close to quitting. Then the shit hit the
I’ve got my idea for my project romantic story, and I’m excited
about it. It’s almost bad timing to be writing about romance and all
that goofy shit, but it’s from the heart straight up. Fictional stories,
true feelings.
I’m going to put my foot down and turn down any free work anyone
asks of me. I’m just burnt out. I’m dying to work on my own ideas
and I can’t do that if I’m always saying okay to everything that come
my way. And thas it.
This NYC Mech pin up kicked my ass. It was meant to be in B&W,
but Ivan wanted it in color. Since my fuckin ego won’t let anybody
else color my shit, I had to tear that son of a bitch apart to separate
the layers, color it, then reassemble. After about 30 false
starts facing a looming deadline, I finally came to something I was
somewhat comfortable with. Not entirely happy with it, but it’ll do.
Tell me what you think.




I may go back into it someday, to satisfy my soul.
What’s going on this weekend? TomorrowI’m taking a trip to the
land of Beer andCheese with the Deejays .
then on Saturday….

Flyer design by Jake Rockwell…
Hope to see youse guys this weekend!
Jose G
I’m fuggin cranky and I want to sleep.
But I still want to go to Lava Lounge tonight. Who wants
to join me?


My sketches this week are pretty shitty, so I will not be posting any. Intead, I will flood your fucking bandwidth with a billion images I found on my harddrive. Since I haven’t updated my website in fucknowswhen, I’ll post that shit here. Mostly freelance illustrations and pin ups. Enjooey!

(the above is still in progress)

The following illos were done for The Pitch in K.C.

And these pages were done about two years ago, waiting to be lettered..

Have a good weekend, miotches. I’m on recovery…



New stuff for your June. Sketches are eh.. but i did a few illos. Finished coloring the art for the Bad Ideas collection (Image Comics) a couple days ago. Wayne said he liked it so much, he’d suck my dick. I can only imagine what Jim and Dave are going to do to top that. They’re a competitive bunch.

Here are a few illos I did last week for a paper called The Pitch in Kansas City.Microns, brush w/Windsor Newton Black India, and Prismacolor grey markers…

And fresh off the home PC, the cover for the JB collection From Dark Horse Comics. Collects the 4 issue mini series from this past year. Written by Paul (Batman Animated, Lost) Dini with art by yo’s trufully, J. Bone and Stephanie Gladden. Out September 14th(ish)..

until necks time,
Peace out mitches!


That shit’s terrible…… Yeah! KRS, Brand Nube, Masta Ace and Wordsworth and D.I. Verse at the Metro tonight! Sang, you know how to put on some hot shit!!! oh yeah, and I guess I need a sketch of the day… Well, this isn’t a sketch, but a pinup I did recently

Cry Baby, CRY!!!!!!!

Didn’t this guy learn his lesson? One of these days I’ma come back wif a vengeance!

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Pride and Joyce

I found this shirt at a thrift store eight or nine years ago. I wish it wasn’t so small….I guess I’ll have to get it framed.

Later today I’m gonna go check out Shepfest, a tribute to Jean Shepherd (writer of A Christmas Story) The kids from the movie (even the bully with the yellow eyes, Skut Farkas) are gonna be there.


back to coloring….

Oh, yeah, I don’t think I posted this. Paul Dini updated the Jingle Belle website!


~ It’s the Nuts.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

recommended reading

This past week, I picked up the Bush Junta from Fantagraphics. I just finished reading this beast.The Bush regime will fuck you in the ass then call you stuck up. It’s some serious business, folks.
But you knew that.

Order it here

The other book I got was Street Angel #3. I haven’t read this yet. I wanna re-read the first two. I love this series, and suggest you all check it out.
Edit: I read it. This book is becoming predictible in that I know I’m gonna dig the holy shit out of each issue before I even read em. Great Googlie Mooglie, Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca are Hot 2 Def. I am green with envy.

Street Angel

Here’s my page at Bunnim-Murray

Link hurre

The Lonely Island cats have a new song:

~ Fudge Pudge