June 3rd photos, art and love

Holee shiit. What a weekend.
All I can say is, if you missed the show on Saturday you will
never forgive yourself. I will never forgive you. At least not
until you get the chance to see the lovely Jean Grae and
turntable wizard Z-Trip live. The whole night seemed to pass
in the blink of an eye. Probably one of the highlights of my life.
Peace to those who made it out and showed love.
Thanks to Z-Trip, Jean Grae, Pugslee Atomz, Dynamic
Vibrations for rocking the house.
Thanks to Greenweedz for hosting.
Thanks to Pickel, Intel and Maker aka Come-Up Kings.
Thanks to my partner in art crime, Revise.

Thanks to everyone who helped get everything together.
And most of all, thanks to Sang. This man busted his ass to get
us up on stage, bring in the hot performers and bring you all a
party to remember.
Intel, you could stop hurling those Red Bulls
at me now…

Masters about to work. Intellionaire left, Pickallian Stallion

Look at that crowd…

Revise doing his thing. like the brush and paint thing….

The maestro

killin it

My Solo Piece. Acrylic on board

Jose G vs. Revise CMW part 3. Now owned by Madadam

and somewhere in the area of 5:30am

Happy Birthday Deejay Intel

I always forget to take photos during these shows.
Someone needs to install some kind of camera-eyeball into
my head. Fortunately these folks took better pics:
The weather is beautiful and life is grand!
“Peace cee ya later”
all images on this page are ©2006 Jose Garibaldi

Holy! It’s an update!

yep. sorry! I’ve been busy. Y’know how it goes. Though, I must say
I’m in much better spirits than I have been in the past year. Could
be the weather.
Anyway, just a quick update with work and what not. I hope to get
together some new Scam! comics as soon as some of this other stuff
is out of the way.
A week and a half ago, I walked into TreVia to hang out with my
friends Mike and Erin, when I was told that one of the live artists
couldn’t show that night. Asif asked me if I wanted to paint, so I ran
home, grabbed my stuff (and changed clothes) and did an impromptu
live art session. It was nice. here’s some pics…

The full piece, with some drawing by Anne (don’t know how to spell
your last name) on the left. Grey markers with acrylic paint on giant

detail of the girl bot thing….

Detail of the gang at the bottom..
I wanted to rock some characters from a story idea I have called
“Deeds”. It’s what I’m planning post Teen Heaven.
The above is now owned by a Mister Tony Trimm.
Buy his album- Blew
Last weekend I had a gallery show at Maison Rouge in the Century
Mall. The show was eh, but I was happy to see my friends there, and
the after party at Rodan was fun. Then it was Nick’s. Then it was
the Lighthouse. A great night indeed.
I didn’t have a whole lot of time to do these pieces. About a week
or so. I hope next time I have at least a few months to paint..
Take  A Look! (<-in joke)

this was an old piece (which isn’t even finished) But I threw it in
to fill up some space. You could see an early version of the pac-man
art before I started it over…

most of the pieces were made up as I painted them. This was one
that was sketched out beforehand. I wish I could’ve finished this, but
“no dice”. It’s called “PUNK!”

“These Eyes Aren’t Blue”
I actually started this piece at the black beetle last November. I
completely re-did the face I previously painted on Pinky. The homo
sexual/transvestite tones were a last  minute idea. I thought it was funny. Pac-Man ghosts rule.

“Interplanetary Hollar” WIP
This was before I knew where the hell I was going with
this painting.
and den…

“Interplanetary Hollar”
I need to take a better photo of this one. Not diggin
the reflection I’m getting on the left side…

“Cosmonauts” WIP
Why should I stick to full color? never mind the dirty floor…

I like this one.
I did three paintings on 2’X2′ board, using markers and acrylics. I
took the images straight from my 2004 sketchbook. I tried to
replicate them the best I could. I want to do more of these…

I think in my sketchbook drawing the clown was to be drunk…

“$100, 000 Pyramid”
This was a Deeds concept sketch.

“Girl With Boombox”
I like this one, too.

“Theatre” WIP
Of the top of the dome shit. Might be my favorite of
the bunch.

I need better pics of these.
and this last piece was the one I was most excited about.
It was the first sketch I did after I found out about the gallery show.
Unfortunately, it’s not really finished. i gotta get it back and touch it
up more.
Here’s the sketch:

and the “finished” displayed version..

But once it’s done, it’ll be boombtastic..
Thanks to the Maison Rouge Galerie for having my work there,
extra special thanks to deejays Intel and Pickel who not only agreed
to deejay for the art show, but also helped me promote and set up.
They’s me brothiz. Thanks to Revise who came through with the
jam piece we did a few months back.
And again, thanks to everyone who showed up and supported. I
love youse!

Please- Don’t forget! This Saturday- June 3rd. DJ Z-trip,
Jean Grae, Dynamic Vibrations, Pugs Atomz (OOOH!) Intel,
Pickel, Revise and Myself at the Metro!!!!! Info below:

Sang Presents
DJ Z-Trip * Jean Grae * Pugslee Atomz * Dynamic Vibrations
Intel * Pickel
Live Art- Jose Garibaldi * Revise CMW
3730 N Clark
18+ $20 advanced $23 door
click here to view event

Hope to see you guys there!!!!

And do you know who’s the illest?


Peace, Love and BBQ
Jose G
all images on this page are©2006 Jose J Garibaldi

Live Art, Trevia photos

Whattup, pipples! It’s been a minute since I last updated, drew, or did anything productive. For the last two weeks I’ve been busy helping my family with our loss. Getting back to reality and everyday business has been a ride, but it’ll smooth out soon.
Again, I want to thank everybody who I’ve talked, messaged, hung out with, etc. You’ve made this so much easier to deal with. I really needed the distractions and escapism, and for that I’m forever grateful.
I miss my pops. That really came down on me at the end of Saturday night, realizing that he never got the chance to see me paint live in front of a crowd, with the deejays and all that. Though he always told me he was proud of what I was doing, I always thought it would be cool for him to see it first hand.
So, mom, that means YOU need to come out and see this live art business.
Saturday was off the hook. Thanks to everybody who came out and had a good time. Art Baltazar was in the house!!! Aw Yeah, Man!
If you have yet to attend one of these nights, you are forgiven. Just don’t let it happen again.
So, with all that jazz out of the way, let’s get to the pics…

Revise gets this party started outside

The Background

I’m usually bad when it comes to taking photos at these things. I always forget to snap pics of the work in progress.
It always occurs to meat the end of the night that I own a camera and that I brought it…
Anyway, this is Jose G vs. Revise part 2.

another angle…

and the close up. I wonder what this means…
I may be disturbed.. I hope not.

One of the artists who was scheduled to paint that night didn’t show, so we had an extra board to rock.
I painted the grey dude on the left (along with the little marker characters surrounding him),
Revise on the right, and John rocks the top.

She was taking photos. I shoulda asked her if she could send them to me, but I’m stupid.
drinking in front of the art area..

Shane and his date, Lip Ring

Jeff, Jessica, Lauren, Mike

Beanie, Jolene, Lauren, Traci

Carly, friend and Sarah. And Beer. Gotta love beer…

The lovely Katie B up in the place!!

The real star of the evening- The Rockbox

Midas Wells

Can’t live without my radio

Pickel on the cut

wikka wikka

These beauties totally ruined the “Ugly Party” I had planned…


Pickel takes us out with Peter Gabriel’s
“In Your Eyes”
It was a great night. I’m pretty sure there were more people in attendence Saturday than there was at January’s live art gig.
I’d really like to turn this into
a monthly thing. The Addicts always have a way of getting people on the dance floor having a good time. I could honestly
say that Pickel is my favorite deejay. But his mixtape. It’s got my endorsement.
Peace! and I promise a new Scam! this week.
all content on this blog, words and images are ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi, unless otherwise noted. Reprinting or reposting without permission is not cool with me. For real. Don’t be a biter.

All the way live (baby baby baby)

Thanks to everybody who came out last Saturday to get down to the
sounds of the Analog Addicts while myself, Katie and Chris painted.
That shit was a blast, and from what I heard (and saw) you all did,
Let me start with my trip to Milwaukee on Friday. the eight of us
(Sang, Anne, Jason, Adam, Jake, Brandy and Katie) braved a
snowstorm to watch Intel spin with Why B and Kid Cut Up. Milan
painted some ill shit. I jumped on the boards for a second. Saw
Wayne, who I haven’t seen in a while. um…. Then six of us decided
to ride back in my car that same night. Poor brandy! Thanks to Sang
home around 6am or so. slept in, ate lunch at hot doug’s with sang
and adam, napped, then got ready for the jam.
Saturdays live art night was off the hook (as I mentioned above).
Didn’t think I would make it on time, but it all worked out. When I
do the live art thing, I usually work on muliple pieces (as does Jim
and Dave and Milan). While one piece dries, I work on another. Or
if one piece is a disaster, I work on another, then come back to try
and save it. This board at Trevia had to be at least 6+ feet. I don’t
usually sketch out my paintings either (for live art, that is). I’ll lay
down a base color for the b.g. then improvise the figures, etc. Since
this was the only piece I was working on, I thought I better bust a
sketch first. Now, people asked if I have an idea of what to paint
before I show up. The answer is no, I don’t. The sketch I layed down
(with a light grey marker) was straight up spontaneity.
I did not think I’d finish the piece at all. There is about a foot left
blank at the top of the board that my short arms couldn’t reach. I’m
a mutant.
Anyway, at the end of the night, Jake was goin off with those jams. I
turn around to see people dancing and singing and having an all
around good time. Fuck yeah. I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks
again to the Analog Addicts and Trevia for doing this…….

me painting. Photo by Intel

Me n Katie B in the place to be. Photo by Intel

The finished piece

the next day, me n the gang had lunch at the Pacific Cafe.Talking
about the drama that unfolded just hours earlier….

to the left…

to the right..
See y’all on the flipside.
Jose G

memeber: all images 2006 Jose Garibaldi, ‘Cept Intel’s pictures. thems is 2006 Jason Deuchler

Slam Diego, Comics, and Felt 2

Hey heyhey
Felt 2 dropped yesterday, and I urge all of you to run out, buy it, sit on the floor and listen to it while you read along with Jim Mahfood’s Felt: True Tales.. book from Image Comics. The comic sports healthy colors by mythelf, funny shit from mister food, and the album has the dope cuts from Slug, Murs and Ant. The package is now complete…

I-I-I-It’s Yours!!!!!

I’m off to San Diego bright n early tomorrow morning, making my way to comicon. Got my art ready, got my game, gotta get my fade hooked up, but other than that I’m read to go! I know for sure I will be signing at the Oni Press booth on Friday from 4:30 to 5:50 with Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, so bring your copies of Maria’s Wedding for us to scrawl on.
Dark Horse doesn’t have me scheduled for anything, but Dini will be signing from 4-5. I’ll most likely be buzzing around there at that time, begging for change.
Also, don’t forget to hit the Comicon Funk Party Saturday night! DJ’s and Live Art. Details here- http://www.40ozcomics.com/new/news.html
If anybody wishes to meet up at and/or around the con, send me an e-mail- josegaribaldiATtmail.com .

And now for some art. I posted these elsewhere, don’t think they made it on the blog… From the failed Franchise comic strip I was doing for tlchicken.com. I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to keep up with the monthly strip thing, I’s just burnt.reaaaally burnt. I Love You Tastes Like Chicken. Sorry I didn’t work.

Peace! More when I get back hizoome.