The IHP Friendly Flyer #1999- MAD magazine

Checking in for one of my final posts of the year (yeah, I only posted one other time this year). It was a hectic year (which will be explained in THE final post of the year). I was very lucky this year and got to work on a bunch of stuff. BUNCH of stuff. Hence the lack of posts. Anyway, one of the greatest publications ever asked me to contribute illustrations, not once but THREE Times, this year!

The first one was for the extra special “Weird AL” Yankovic guest-edited issue. It was a 2 page illustration for an article titled,”Things To Ask Your Sex Ed Teacher (Just To Mess With Him)”. It was written by the hilarious Kenny Keil and appears in issue #533 (June 2015).

click on the image for a larger version


The next issue, I contributed art to The Fundalini Pages section. “Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Rap Battle” was written by Kenny Keil. The issue is #534 (August 2015)

click on the image for a larger version

The third piece was also written by Kenny Keil (and again, very funny). This one also appeared in The Fundalini Pages section.  “Overheard at 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy Estate Sale” features 50 and the G-Unit holding a yard sale. Issue #536

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As always, I have a great time working on these MAD magazine illustrations, and I’m honored to be part of such a legendary publication. Many thanks to Ryan Flanders, Sam Viviano, Kenny Keil and the crew at MAD!

Interview with Centerstage Chicago

Thanks to Jeff Min for hooking this up.

Photo by Peter parker Lewis
Photo by Peter Parker Lewis

Growing up on Chicago’s far South Side, illustrator/cartoonist/painter Jose Garibaldi learned early on to appreciate the fine art of comics. Whereas most parents would be quick to dismiss strips as lowbrow art, Garibaldi’s mother welcomed it, making publications like Cracked and Mad Magazine readily available for his young mind to absorb. The choice to embrace the offbeat humor of Cracked and Mad clearly comes across in Garibaldi’s illustrations and it’s what makes his art most endearing.

read the rest here:
Jose G Centerstage interview

Mad #495 on sale this week

Good morning!

Happy Octobers people. So far, off to a good start!
Had a good time last weekend, as documented by young Intel.
Mad Magazine #495 , November 2008
Just want to let everyone know that the latest issue of Mad Magazine hits the comic shops today, and I think it should be on the magazine rack at your preferred bookseller no later than next week. Or you can always order online.
I have two pages this time around, 10 illustrations for an article titled ” When High School Elections Are Run Like Presidential Elections”, written by Nathaniel Stein.

Other works in prgress:
A custom Devil Dog for the Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show, this Halloween in NYC

and of course, I’m always working on Teen Heaven. one day one day….
Ector and Adam from Teen Heaven

Well, it’s back to work time.

Jose G

Mad #494 on stands this week

Mad #494 , October 2008
Hey Y’all

Just wanted to drop this on you. The new (October 08) issue of Mad Magazine hits the stands this week, and it features 4 of my illustrations in an article titled “50 Worst Things About the Internet”. The article also features amazing art by Drew Friedman, Rick Tulka , Leonardo Rodriguez, Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer.

Grab a copy for yourself, and one for moms!

Mad Magazine for Kids #12, 2008

Also on stands is Mad Magazine for Kids issue #12, which features a Family Funnies strip I drew.

Do it to it!



Internet House Party 109- Dinninit!


Gonna make this quick, gotta get back on my grind.
I broke away from coloring for a second to do a little bit of sketching
here and there. Nothing big. I’m dying to do more drawing.

The top three were from my trip to L.A. during the summer.
Last one I did yesterday. gold star for me.

Old character (and Evil DJ Cap’m Hook’s
original nemesis) Deejay Poppyseedgluvs.
Redone with a Comeups hat.

Here’s a quickie flyer I designed for my homie Maker.
It’s his Birthday Party tonight! I better see you there.
Mr. Motherfucking Dibbs will be there.
Cain’t go wrong.

Deeds related characters.

and here’s some color work I’ve been on.
First, the Earthworms’ new album cover.
Drawing by Foodone, finishes by Jose G

line work


and here’s a couple peeks of what I’ve been working on for the past couple months- Magic Pickle by Scott Morse. Dropping next summer
from Scholastic Books (Graphix)
Scott and Scholastic asked me to add color to the Magic Pickle graphic
novel, which was originally published by Oni Press.
I should be done with it this weekend.

Next stop- Smileytower!
Be sure to check my profile page to keep up on my live art and
DJ gigs.
Oh, and subscribe to my blog. I promise I’ll be your friend 🙂
Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend.
a/k/a/ crazy pickle arm. Gammaay some canday!!!

Contents of this blog, © 2007 Jose Garibaldi, except
Magic Pickle © 2007 Scott Morse and
Earthworms image  © 2007 Jim Mahfood

Food’s on the table, pabst in the fridge…

Yo. Ho. Ho. I’m fuckin tired today, so I’m sure I’ll screw this post
all to hell. I need my nap.
I promise next week I’ll be friendlier. Wonder if they’ll let me leave
the office early if I pass out at my desk. It’s worth a shot….

I’ll start with the “available now” news-
Project: Romantic has officially hit the stands this week. Got
my copies in the mail (along with a fancy limited hardcover
edition- Thanks, Chris!!!) and I gotta say this book is lovely.
I’ve never been this impressed with the printing of my work.
You could also see every brush stroke in Scott Morse‘s art.
Props on the hard work. Hell Yeah, Adhouse!!!

Cover by Maris Wicks
Please support this book. Everybody poured their hearts and
jellybeans into this mug…..

Also available is the latest issue of Mad Kids. Look for my Family Funnies strip in the Alfred’s Brain Drool section..

got some new Character designs-

for an idea I’s got brewin….

Cal City Whut!?

I was gonna post a bunch of sketches and doodles next, but the
scanner took a shit again. Daymn.
So instead you get some promos-
Tonight! Peabe and Joey D have a gallery show. I’m gonna
try and make this if I’m not dead to the world. Probably
roll in w/ Pickel….

Come through, support Chicago artists!

-Next Tuesday and Wednesday- Mike Huddleston and I will be
painting live! Tuesday at Tini Martini and Weds at The Funky
Buddha Lounge. Check my profile for details. ComeUps in full

-Ain’t the new Formulawerks site the illest?

So, dear friends, I will leave you with this. I’m not going to say what
it’s all about, but it’s the reason I was up til 5:30am last night-


T minus ninety minutes til mimis..


J to the izzo.

p.s. I’ve been on this big Dilla kick. Prolly since he produced 90%
of my music collection. R.I.P……

words and images on the blog are © 2006 Jose Garibaldi. Well, all
except the project romantiv cover, the mad kids cover, and even the
nemo image.. But those Character designs are MINE!! Any of you
fools steal my shit, I’ll find a way to (legally) break your thumbs. If not,
then I guess I’ll just sue the holy fuckin shit out of you…
and that’s one to grow on.

Imitating Life: Wordless Version…


Popimagehas posted a preview of Adhouse Book’s upcoming anthology, Project: Romantic, on their website. They chose to feature my contribution, Imitating Life, for the article. You could read the story in full by following this link.
Below are the pages sans lettering. As I dove into it, I neglected to work the word ballons into the composition in the early stages of the art. Ultimately, I think I was able to work them in there pretty well.. Yet, a lot of the details, etc. were covered by dialogue. So here’s the uncut stuff….hi res.


©2006 Jose Garibaldi

and the pencils…


Jose G