Scam! 04/07/06

Chweet dreams are maitre’de (s)…
in other news- Ugh. I’m tired. I have this new routine (at least for the
next couple weeks) where I get up, go to work, come home around
5:30, go to sleep til 8-8:30, get up and get to work(at home). This
project romantic story is doing a number on me, but it is bringing
back the passion for drawing/coloring/et al… I just can’t wait until
the summer.
Not looking foward to doing the whole tax thing next week. every
year I swear I’m gonna get them shits done early, and I never do…
To everybody that’s e-mailed, called, texted, etc…sorry if I haven’t
replied yet. I’m slow. I’m trying to stay in this work mode right now,
that’s why I’m not going out for coffee and all that shee-eie-yot. I’ll
probably break out tomorrow night, hit the beetle (as usual). Just
trying to save some dough, plus stay close to home. Once this story
is all wrapped up I’ll be oot and aboot again.

Jose G

Oh! New ish of Mad Kids (Zack & Cody (w.t.fuck?) cover) should
be out. Go get it. If it’s not out, buy the last issue (I’m sure none of
you test tube babies got it yet!)

All content is 2006 Jose J Garibaldi, meetches!!!

Lifemeter comics in UK Edge magazine

Lifemeter comics, a blog dedicated to showcasing art and comics
inspired by video games has been written up in a UK videogame
mag called “edge”.
Guess who got a mention?

copied from the Lifemeter site:

Lastly, is the most exciting bit of news for us. Life Meter has seen
print! UK video game magazine
Edge has picked Life Meter as its
website of the Month in their current (April) issue! Thanks go to
Mark Kelly for the heads up. Here’s what they had to say:
Showing all the same inspiration and artistic vision that Raina Lee’s
1up ‘zine and the iam8bit show have bought to the community,
Lifemeter editors Zack Giallongo, Dave Roman and Stephanie Yue
have created one of the interent’s premier showcases for game
related art and comics.
Though still in its early stages, Lifemeter grows daily with
submissions from a dedicated group of indie artists from around the
world, all sharing their takes on their favourite digital worlds. Thus
far the submissions seem to rarely stray from the classic Nintendo
panthenon, perhaps proving the 8bit system’s influence on a
generation of budding artists. But already the site shows a diverse
range of reactions to the subject matter, from standard gag comics
to Jose Garibaldi’s silent telling of a Mario called to action and the
princess he leaves behind.

Go buy it now!

Weerd!! Props to Dave Roman and the lifemeter gang. The site is
dope. Also on the blog are works by my boys Scott Ruhl and Elio.

If you want to peep the story mentioned above, follow the link.
Untitled: Leaving
Also, big up to Shaughn Struble, for originally publishing the story
in the 2004 issue of A United Front.

For the record, my favorite strip on that site is the one with Mario in
the frog suit.

Also, to any of my UK peoples: Is there a way someone could get
me a copy of this edge mag? I’ll compensate you for your time, cost
of the mag plus shipping, etc. Hit me up and let me know. Thanks!!!

Oh, don’t fret. Another update is on the way today!



My sketches this week are pretty shitty, so I will not be posting any. Intead, I will flood your fucking bandwidth with a billion images I found on my harddrive. Since I haven’t updated my website in fucknowswhen, I’ll post that shit here. Mostly freelance illustrations and pin ups. Enjooey!

(the above is still in progress)

The following illos were done for The Pitch in K.C.

And these pages were done about two years ago, waiting to be lettered..

Have a good weekend, miotches. I’m on recovery…


Slam Diego, Comics, and Felt 2

Hey heyhey
Felt 2 dropped yesterday, and I urge all of you to run out, buy it, sit on the floor and listen to it while you read along with Jim Mahfood’s Felt: True Tales.. book from Image Comics. The comic sports healthy colors by mythelf, funny shit from mister food, and the album has the dope cuts from Slug, Murs and Ant. The package is now complete…

I-I-I-It’s Yours!!!!!

I’m off to San Diego bright n early tomorrow morning, making my way to comicon. Got my art ready, got my game, gotta get my fade hooked up, but other than that I’m read to go! I know for sure I will be signing at the Oni Press booth on Friday from 4:30 to 5:50 with Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis, so bring your copies of Maria’s Wedding for us to scrawl on.
Dark Horse doesn’t have me scheduled for anything, but Dini will be signing from 4-5. I’ll most likely be buzzing around there at that time, begging for change.
Also, don’t forget to hit the Comicon Funk Party Saturday night! DJ’s and Live Art. Details here-
If anybody wishes to meet up at and/or around the con, send me an e-mail- .

And now for some art. I posted these elsewhere, don’t think they made it on the blog… From the failed Franchise comic strip I was doing for I feel horrible that I wasn’t able to keep up with the monthly strip thing, I’s just burnt.reaaaally burnt. I Love You Tastes Like Chicken. Sorry I didn’t work.

Peace! More when I get back hizoome.


New stuff for your June. Sketches are eh.. but i did a few illos. Finished coloring the art for the Bad Ideas collection (Image Comics) a couple days ago. Wayne said he liked it so much, he’d suck my dick. I can only imagine what Jim and Dave are going to do to top that. They’re a competitive bunch.

Here are a few illos I did last week for a paper called The Pitch in Kansas City.Microns, brush w/Windsor Newton Black India, and Prismacolor grey markers…

And fresh off the home PC, the cover for the JB collection From Dark Horse Comics. Collects the 4 issue mini series from this past year. Written by Paul (Batman Animated, Lost) Dini with art by yo’s trufully, J. Bone and Stephanie Gladden. Out September 14th(ish)..

until necks time,
Peace out mitches!

Paragraph President

shoot the gift like the NRA on Christmas.

Look out below!

In other news, Jim Mahfood’s “Puttin’ The Backbone Back” is in stores!
The book is a collection of Jim’s art.
(it also has a cover colored by yo’s truthfully!!!)
Pick it up at you local comic shop (or drive out of state, what do I care)
OR order it from Mahfood Papadapolis himself via The 40oz Store

Peace out to Maude for her generous hospitality at the old Wilson House during my Wrigleyville visit.

The New update page

I’m hoping this blogger thing would make it easier for me to update regularly, so look out, dickheads I’m finna update with a rage! There’s a ton of illustrations, stories and sketches I’ve yet to post, not to mention projects to announce and promote.
On the shelf:
Bad Ideas #s1 & 2 (Cover Colors) from Image Comics.
Tastes Like Chicken Magazine, both print and online
Kitchen Sink Magazine #8
A United Front from
Punchthroat Anthology
Some Bitch Told Me To Draw – a sketchbook collection from
And more shit that I’ll remember.

On the plate:
Putting the Backbone Back (cover colors) Image Comics – September
Jingle Belle #1-4 (Cover and interiors) Dark Horse Comics – Nov 04- Feb 04
Is This The End Of Teen Heaven (Story/art) Oni Press – Mid 05

I will explain what the deal is with Teen Heaven, and why it did not come out last month.