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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fun. I’m currently switching my webhost, so the website is going to look a little clunky. Please feel free to check out the archives, and for new posts, check out the Instagrams

Thanks for checking out the site, and check in for updates!


IHP Dispatch #751-2013 post Pt 1- Sketches

Hey Gang,
Well, here I am, back in the cut(kinda). As I said in my last post, this year was a really busy one, yet yielded very little I can post. It was pretty much TMNT and Captain Underpants. During meetings and downtime, I did manage to sneak some sketch time in. Here are a few:
click on the images to open a larger version

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

I don’t exactly know the dates which these were drawn. Most were done a little at a time over a few days/weeks/months. I just know they were done in 2012/2013

More posts coming right up!

Jose G

IHP status report #5489

Hey Gang
Dollar Boyd

Kinda sucks to realize I have not updated this blog in 2013. At all. Not once.
I’ve been pretty caught up at the day gig, designing characters for TMNT. Obviously, I’m fortunate to work on such a great job with am amazing crew. Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty spent on my time off.  Not that I haven’t been working on some personal stuff, it’s just been a little bit at a time.
Anyway, I have some time off coming up soon,  and I plan to post a bunch of the sketches and previously unseen artwork I’ve done over the past couple years. I’ll also post all of my TMNT work I’m allowed to show.
So, I’ll be seeing you in a week or so with same brand newness!

lates 13!


The New Jose G’s Internet House Party

Yo Gang, it’s been a minute.

I have been working a lot lately, mostly on this , hence the lack of recent posts. I’m proud of what we’ve been doing at Nick, and I think you’ll agree once you see the results (this fall sometime). It’s going to be huge.

Anyway, I’m doing a bit of restructuring here. I’m moving all my work from over to this site and creating new artwork for the design.(you can catch a glimpse of the bg work in progress in the background)
I want this to be the definitive spot for everything I’ve done (or at least everything I’m legally allowed to  show). I’m taking down Little Brown Heart, and the url will redirect here.

Can’t wait to show off the new works!



Obligatory Teen Heaven W.I.P. number 8,001…

Yea, still working on this s.o.b…
I’m only getting about an hour a week (actually less, I haven’t touched it in a month)
One day she’ll be done! one day. .. sigh.
Well, here’s a peek at what I’ve been doing with it.

click to make bigger…


Eat Your Art Out 4: Rikky’s Bitch

Hey all!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been working a lot, unfortunately I’m unable to show you 95% of it..
This here’s a little piece I contributed to this year’s Eat Your Art Out group show a Meltdown comics. It took place a couple weeks ago and featured astounding art from over 60 different artists. Twas quite an event…
It’s acrylic paint on illustration board, and it’s called “Rikky’s Bitch”
click on the images below for the larger versions…



Elwy and the Tree Weasels

As a kid I was a big fan of The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse. My mom, also a cartoon fan, hated it. She said it didn’t compare to the original TerryToon versions.
When the episode below first aired it blew my mind. I don’t remember how old I was, but I remember I was in grade school. I was upset when I heard the series was canceled. It wasn’t until years later, when I saw a promo spot for Ren and Stimpy that I felt as excited about a cartoon. I kind of really haven’t been that excited since.
Anyway, this is one of the many cartoons that made me want to become a cartoonist, and I thought I’d share.

Jose G