That shit’s terrible…… Yeah! KRS, Brand Nube, Masta Ace and Wordsworth and D.I. Verse at the Metro tonight! Sang, you know how to put on some hot shit!!! oh yeah, and I guess I need a sketch of the day… Well, this isn’t a sketch, but a pinup I did recently


So, things are a bit better today. Maybe it was the sleep. Today’s train sketch:
Hope ya’ll have a blassad day.


So the anxiety is in full gear again. I’m trying to take shit easy, but it’s hard trying to keep everythang in balance. We’re already late with Jingle Belle, so I’m trying to catch up. That shit takes longer than I anticipated. I thougt I’d be able to do a full issue in 5-6 weeks, but they’ve taken about 8. And on top of that I’ve done damage to my relationships with my fiance, my friends, my family, clients and co-workers. I really hope this pays off, because I’ve pissed plenty of people off to get here. Like I’ve said a zillion times before- My life will end up like the end of a Benny Hill episode. Peace- Look UP! JJ Today’s Sketches-

New Paintings

My friend Terry Barth came over last night and jammed with me on a couple new pieces. I’m trying to get into live art mode, so I don’t embarrass myself at the Metro in a couple weeks. These are acrylic fabric paints on a type of hardboard panelling I scored at Home Despot. We whupped both of these up in a couple hours.

Hip Hop For Hunger 11/24/04 @ The Metro

Reverse Presents:

The Metro
3730 N. Clark
Chicago, IL 60613
(Two blocks North of Wrigley Field)

Phone: 773-549-0203

Email: metro@metrochicago.com

Doors open at 11pm, Show at 11:30. (I know y’all don’t have to work the next day!)
Tickets are $12 advanced, $15 at the door, $10 with 2 canned food donations.

Hope to see you all there!

The Metro: www.metrochicago.com
All Nautural: www.allnaturalhiphop.com
Jose Garibaldi: www.josegaribaldi.com
Corey Barba: www.coreybarba.com
Tim Seeley: www.devilsdue.net

Oh, and here’s what live painting at the Metro is like, for those who don’t know.

Taken during a show with MF Doom.

Jingle Belle #1

Dark Horse has a 4 page preview from the new Jingle Belle series I’ve been working on
Jingle Belle #1 preview

It’s a four issue, full color mini series that runs from Nov 04 to Feb 05.
This first issue drops November 24th, and it features a Polly Green back up story drawn by Stephanie Gladden. I’m mos proud!

Now it’s back to work on issue 2, almost in the can and looking better than issue #1

Oh, and I also posted an impromptu preview of “Is This The End Of Teen Heaven” my next project after JB. It will be a massive graphic novel (clocking in around 200 pages or so)dealing with the BREAK UP of Teen Heaven. It will be out next summer. More news at 11.

Teen Heaven Preview
If the link doesn’t work, please cut n paste this: http://p197.ezboard.com/fsawredfrm11.showMessage?topicID=251.topic

Paragraph President

shoot the gift like the NRA on Christmas.

Look out below!

In other news, Jim Mahfood’s “Puttin’ The Backbone Back” is in stores!
The book is a collection of Jim’s art.
(it also has a cover colored by yo’s truthfully!!!)
Pick it up at you local comic shop (or drive out of state, what do I care)
OR order it from Mahfood Papadapolis himself via The 40oz Store

Peace out to Maude for her generous hospitality at the old Wilson House during my Wrigleyville visit.

Cry Baby, CRY!!!!!!!

Didn’t this guy learn his lesson? One of these days I’ma come back wif a vengeance!

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Pride and Joyce

I found this shirt at a thrift store eight or nine years ago. I wish it wasn’t so small….I guess I’ll have to get it framed.

Later today I’m gonna go check out Shepfest, a tribute to Jean Shepherd (writer of A Christmas Story) The kids from the movie (even the bully with the yellow eyes, Skut Farkas) are gonna be there.


back to coloring….

Oh, yeah, I don’t think I posted this. Paul Dini updated the Jingle Belle website!


~ It’s the Nuts.

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Friday, September 17, 2004

recommended reading

This past week, I picked up the Bush Junta from Fantagraphics. I just finished reading this beast.The Bush regime will fuck you in the ass then call you stuck up. It’s some serious business, folks.
But you knew that.

Order it here

The other book I got was Street Angel #3. I haven’t read this yet. I wanna re-read the first two. I love this series, and suggest you all check it out.
Edit: I read it. This book is becoming predictible in that I know I’m gonna dig the holy shit out of each issue before I even read em. Great Googlie Mooglie, Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca are Hot 2 Def. I am green with envy.

Street Angel

Here’s my page at Bunnim-Murray

Link hurre

The Lonely Island cats have a new song:

~ Fudge Pudge

Teen Heaven on the Real.

So, after wondering if it made the cut, I spotted a glimpse of two Teen Heaven comic strips on the Real World: Philly! Keep your eyes open when they show the computer room/ office. It’s on the back wall there. Also keep an eye out for Chynna’s Scooter Girl and other Oni goodies!
Many thanks to Jenny Sireci. She’s the bomb.

So I’m hoping to get this page on the website ( www.josegaribaldi.com ) I want to create a new opening page with two paths, one to my portfolio/gallery and the other to my Internet House Party. It’s a celebration, pendejos. I’m even working on my high top fade. Ola Ola Ey!

Jingle Belle volume two issue one is now wrapped. Just wait three months and she’s all yours.
I’m this ** close to finishing the pencils to issue two. Paul did a great job with this story, so I hope I do it justice!

Check out this mix, it’s quite dope.

wefunk radio show #346

Enjoy the mix, enjoy the weather, pees.

JJ Gugenheim