Harmony, sketch 2016

Sketchbook: Harmony, 2016

Harmony © 2016 www.josegaribaldi.com
Dropping a new one on you today! Yeah, I didn’t expect to either. I need to keep this up. Much more drawing needs to happen in my life.

Interview with Centerstage Chicago

Thanks to Jeff Min for hooking this up.

Photo by Peter parker Lewis
Photo by Peter Parker Lewis

Growing up on Chicago’s far South Side, illustrator/cartoonist/painter Jose Garibaldi learned early on to appreciate the fine art of comics. Whereas most parents would be quick to dismiss strips as lowbrow art, Garibaldi’s mother welcomed it, making publications like Cracked and Mad Magazine readily available for his young mind to absorb. The choice to embrace the offbeat humor of Cracked and Mad clearly comes across in Garibaldi’s illustrations and it’s what makes his art most endearing.

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Jose G Centerstage interview

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #64- 08/20/10

It’s nearing the end of the Weekend Sketch, but nightlife in the Chi will rage on. Come out and support these events! You’ll have fun while showing love!
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Jose G

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #60- 07/09/10

Happy 60th Weekend sketch!
It’s hot this weekend. Enjoy the weather before old crab-ass winter creeps in and we’re all forced back into our caves. For starters, I say come out to Swig tonight!
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