The Prodigal SCAM! returns, 07/14/16


So. Ten years and a week after I posted the last Scam! comic, I present this semi-new Scam! comic. I started drawing the top three panels of this piece in July of 2006, but for whatever reason I abandoned it. Ten years later, I finished this page. It’s going to lead to a bigger story concerning what our hero has been up to for the past decade. Click on the image for a larger, readable version.

Prodigal Scam! © 2016

It feels great to get back into comics again. Since 2006, I have been out of the loop with sequential art (at least in terms of anything available to the public). Aside from Scam!, I’m also working on a regular series that will be announced soon.

When I look back on much of my older work, I cringe over the content. Quite a bit of offensive ignorance on my part. Though at the time I felt my intentions were good, my attempts at shock and satire fell flat. Time has turned a spotlight on these failures (at least for me), and it’s something I think about a lot. Maturity might not be apparent in the strip above (since it was started in 2006), but if I continue Scam! on a weekly basis, I do hope it better reflects the growth I’ve made as a person.


That MacNaugh, 2016

New Art: That MacNaugh, 2016

Gonna anudder Quick one this week. Just going to drop this MacNaugh here and bounce. Hope you have a great weekend! See you on the next!

click on the image for a larger version:
That MacNaugh © 2016

Based on this sketch:
That MacNaugh © 2016

Jose G

Petchers, 2016

New Art: Petchers

Hey Gang, got another quick one. Petchers is a piece based on a post-it doodle (Yes, I found a TON of post-it sketches that can make some fun finished illustrations).Just wanted to go simple with this one, since there’s plenty of catching up to do around here. Also, hopefully I’ll be able to follow this post with some information regarding MAD Magazine, an art show tonight and also a book signing tonight. Stay Tuned!

click on the image for a larger version, please—
Petchers © 2016

Based on this Post-It Sketch:
Petchers © 2016


Unfinished Illo

This was supposed to be my portion of  the 2007 Chicago Funk Jam flyer. I just wasn’t feeling this image at the time.
(click for a larger versh)

I ended up going with the drawing below

which I love and got good response on Myspace and Facebook.
Anyway, I came across that original drawing during my move, and think that I can tweak it and color it up into something nice.
Just wanted to share. I’ll post it if I do decide to do it up something proper.


images © 2010 Jose Garibaldi

Jose G Sketches Your Weekend #64- 08/20/10

It’s nearing the end of the Weekend Sketch, but nightlife in the Chi will rage on. Come out and support these events! You’ll have fun while showing love!
click on the image below for a larger version…

Jose G