A Gift From Baxter, 2016

New Art: A Gift From Baxter

Sorry I’m a day late, but it’s Saturday, and it’s still *this* week, right? Anyway, made some last minute changes to this one and threw Baxter’s name into it. Hope you dig! Just wrapped a big project, so I’ll be back next week with more art, sketches and musings.
Click on the image for a larger version!
A Gift From Baxter © 2016 www.josegaribaldi.com

the piece is a major extension of this chunk of sketch.
A Gift From Baxter © 2016 www.josegaribaldi.com

Hope you’re having a great 4th of July weekend! Stay safe!


Golden Dave 2016

Got another new one for this week. Golden Dave, 2016. Things have been picking up around here, so in effort to get these out on a weekly basis, I’m going to work on some of the more simple illustrations. I tend to get pretty ambitious with some of these and put more time into them than I allowed myself. Perhaps working a little faster will help me catch groove and improve the work flow. Anyway, if you like what you’re seeing, please feel free to follow the IHP facebook fan page. Thanks!

Click on the image for a larger version.
Golden Dave 2016

Golden Dave was based on the following sketch.
Golden Dave sketch

Have a great rest of your week! Be sure to visit as I’ll be posting much more!


Frank N Em 2016

Happy End of March 16! I made it through another month of weekly art!
I have many more in the works for the rest of the year.
I hope you’re enjoying these, and if you can, please feel free to share.
The new piece below has an uncensored version you can view if you click on the image below.

© 2016 Jose Garibaldi Illustration Art

This was taken from the 3rd ever Weekend Sketch from 2009.
© 2016 Jose Garibaldi Illustration Art

Have a great rest of your week, see youse in April!


Instagram Feed

Lately, I have been posting older works to my Instagram page, @cluepac. Soon I’ll be posting newer works there as well. Be sure to follow and stay up on the latest!


The Tooth 2016

Happy March 9th, peoples!
Got another new one for you. I’m happy to be able to keep up. Some of these might be wack, but some of these give me a tinge of pride. Hope you’re digging these, cuz I’m having fun.

click on the image for a larger version.

Here’s the sketch that kicked this piece off:

See you back here next time, have an amazing week!


Capital Gains Jerry 2016

Yo! New art for the week!

Capital Gains Jerry cooling off with some nectar of the 1% (the rich like Kool-Aid much like the rest of us, no?)

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based on this sketch:

Thanks for visiting! See you in a few!

Jose G

The Mess 2016

Yo Dudes! Got a new piece for a new year.

click on the image for the larger, uncensored version

The art is coming from various sketches I’ve done over the past few years. The one above is based on this sketch:

I have a grip of drawings set up that are tailored for Instagram. I’m hoping to drop one of these each week, though I can’t designate a particular day. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter for a heads up!