TMNT Emperor Zanmoran

TMNT 2012: Emperor Zanmoran

YO, Gonna drop a little TMNT art right chea. Triceraton Emperor Zanmoran concept sketches and some character turn art, created some time in 2015. This is from the season 4 episode,”The Arena of Carnage” and voiced by one of my favorites, Michael Ironside. There is a lot of great work by a bunch of talented folks on this show. I recommend you check it!
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Peaches and Herb,

Jose G

Mayo Sandwich, sketch 2016

Sketchbook: TMNT and Mayo Sandwich, 2016

Good mornfternoon! I found this Post-it sketch from a couple years ago (I think), drawn during a TMNT meeting.
I threw a quick coloring on it, dropped a couple two-tree textures and the results are here.
you can view a larger version by clicking on the image below

Mayo Sandwich © 2016


Facebook Album: TMNT

TMNT Art Bonanza:

I’ve uploaded quite a bit of work on TMNT and other places from the last couple of years over on my Facebook page. I’m currently going through my archives for more art to post. Please check it out, and if you’re into the work, please click on the like button. Thanks!

A sampling of my work as character designer on Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series.

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The IHP World Report #4011- Big Ol’ TMNT Post

Hey Gang! Gots a bunch of art here!
About a month ago, I started work on some TMNT season FIVE characters. A couple months before that, Nickelodeon began airing TMNT season 4. It’s hard to believe it’s been over four years since I started working on this jam. Here are some of my favorite (never before posted) pieces of my work from the first 3 seasons. I have so many files from my time on this show I’d really love to post someday. Most of it is old, and just a matter of me sorting through it. The rest can’t be shown just yet.

Casey Jones character concepts, design and turn around (2013)

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I had a blast working on these designs. In total there were three: Casey Jones, Casey in his hockey outfit and Casey in his vigilante outfit. It was pretty amazing getting to design such an iconic character in the TMNT universe. These were built off rough concepts and notes from TMNT Executive Producer Ciro Nieli


Tiger Claw (2013)

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This dude was a tough one, but in the end I think he turned out great. I’m happy he went on to be such a fan favorite.


Ice Cream Kitty (2013)

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My contributions to the show were usually either straight up gross or straight up cute. This falls into the latter. Ice Cream Kitty has also gone on to be a fan favorite.


Stockman Fly (2013)

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An update to a popular TMNT character, Baxter Stockman as a fly. The fly portion was based on concept art by Ciro Nieli. The human portion was designed by TMNT Design Supervisor Irineo Maramba


Speed Demon Donnie (2013)

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This was a fun one. It also kinda broke my brain (but so did Baxter Fly, and come to think of it, many other characters I worked on) But I really enjoyed getting to do a tribute to Ed “Big Daddy Roth” and Rat Fink. One of the many great things about working on this show is getting to do the research. This was for episode 306, “Race With The Demon”. The car was designed by Jeff Wong.


Muck Man and Joe Eyeball (2013)

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This one was a blast. It also took me forever to do. And it took the entire Character Modelling team to create the Muckman CG model. And Character Technical Director Dave Kim spent many long nights rigging that model to make sure he was brought to life properly. And the paint team and texture team snapped with the colors and textures. And that’s why he looks so awesome.


Stock Footage

Another perk of the job is getting to contribute 2-D elements where they are needed. Sometimes it’s a logo for a product, or a poster, or for paint overs and mattes when CG would be too prohibitive. This is also our opportunity to throw in a joke or two (or eight) into the mix.

Casey Jones graffiti (episode 225, “Invasion!”)

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Inspired by the late, great legend, Vaughn Bodé.

April Coffee Can (episode 305, “In Dreams”)

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This was one of my favorite drawings. In the actual show, they posed out a CG model of April to match the poses I did here.

Punk Frog Mugshots (episode 304, “The Croaking”)

click on the image for a larger version

I think I was given this at the last minute, and had to draw something pretty quickly. It was supposed to be bad mugshot style drawings of the Punk Frogs. I think the Michael Bay TMNT was already out at the time, or about to be released in theaters, and at some point while drawing this I got the idea to throw in a Bay Mikey into the mugshots. I’m glad they kept it in. I threw in a bunch of jokes on the side (including the “fail”). I left a place holder under the mugshots for the copy, and the brilliant Miho Tomimasu wrote the hilarious account of the frog sighting that made it into the final episode.

Soon I’ll have more TMNT behind the scenes goodies to show. Two posts down out of three, so on to the next!!!!

IHP Yearly Dispatch #689 – 20Fifteensies

Hey All-

Yeah it’s been more than a minute. Still designing characters for TMNT , still coloring for Scholastic. MAD Magazine #533 is on the stands, have a 2 page illustration in that. More color work on deck. Just finished some more MAD Magazine goodness. Goosebumps will be out soon. Stan Wenches is fixing to drop some new Cornflakes! on your heads. There is plenty to look forward to. I’ve been sneaking some personal work in here and there. When that’s ready you will know. I’ve also been cleaning hard drives and archiving older work, so I might post some of that in the meantime. Then when the new work is ready, I will post that.  Hope all is good in Internetsville. Don’t forget to follow on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instragrams. I haven’t quite been up on all that, but I update it more frequently than this blog.

Stay UP!
Jose Geezy.

The IHP Register post #882- What it is

Hey doods,

Don’t have much to say right now, just trying to get back in the habit of updating this site. Most of what I’ve been showing has been tossed up on instagram (, Tumblr (, Twitter (, and of course, Facebook ( Be sure to follow if you can. I would mad love you.

I’m still plugging away on TMNT character designs. I’m neck deep in season 3, and my 3 year anniversary is coming up in about a month. How the time, she flies. Anyway, I thought I’d share this little drawing with you. It’s from the Operation: Break Out episode of season 01 (episode 124). Mikey had a dream that he and Donnie were Rodeo Detectives. Some True Detective type shit right there, flat circle and all. It was really great to be able to draw these fools in my style. It’s such an honor to get to work on this show, but to see some straight up Jose G TMNT art on the tv screen damn near tore my head apart.

TMNT Rodeo Detectives
2013 Rodeo Detectives line art from TMNT season 01 ep 24, Operation: Break Out. Property of Nickelodeon/Viacom


Rodeo Detectives screen grab
the final, TVeed out image

Hope all is well out there in webworld. I’ll try to stay more up to date, even if it’s brief and I’m just dropping sketches/doodles.